No longer will we be subjected to the tyranny of excess plastic, single use tape dispensers.

We run out of tape.  I go to Fred Meyer, the place where I probably spend 80% of funds.  Because they have everything.  But you know what they don’t have?  Tape dispensers.  So, being out of tape, and needing tape, I once again purchase those plastic not-reusable clear tape dispensers.

Repeat.  For nine years.

But I have finally purchased tape dispensers!  One for me, one for Matt and one for the common area.IMG_5881

Free at last!

My favorite letter to the editor this August.

If it weren’t for Mr. Christensen of Forest Grove, I wouldn’t have noticed that there really aren’t very many campaign bumper stickers this election season.  I also enjoy that he includes a tip for displaying the bumper sticker in regions other than the bumper.IMG_5876

Responses to this letter took the theme of “I don’t want my car vandalized for my political viewpoint.”  Which is a bummer.  There should be no vandalizing of cars.

Escape Room: Theme American Revolution

Matt waves from outside our escape room. This is my second escape room, and Matt’s fifth (?)IMG_5877

Signing the waiver.IMG_5878

The rules.  “Every rule has a story behind it,” said our guide.  In this escape room, the employee sat in the room with us (my previous experience we were observed from outside the room) and he made a point of saying, “There is nothing in my pockets.”  Poor guy.IMG_5879

As you might guess by this photo, our room was American Revolution themed.  Here is our time.  We escaped.IMG_5880In other news, apparently, I didn’t get the memo on the female pose.

Three sentence movie review: Southside with You


This is a very delightful first date movie, as well as very nice period piece.  The young Barack Obama is what was then probably referred to as “charmingly persistent” in his wooing of the much more hesitant Michelle Robinson.* Plus it had a recitation of a poem by Gwendoyn Brooks (which I, too have memorized) and also paintings by Ernie Barnes, who I was not at all familiar with.

Cost: $9.50
Where watched: Cinema 21 with Matt**

*In the 80s this was charmingly persistent. Seen today it’s more of an experience where the woman sets very firm boundaries and the man walks all over them.  Which made this movie kind of uncomfortable to watch.

**With whom I had a very “Who’s on First” conversation:
“And on Thursday, I’m going to watch Southside with You.”
“With me?”
“No, Southside with You.”
“I don’t understand.  With me?”
“No, the date movie with–”
“Oh!  That movie.  I want to see that.”
“You want to see Southside with You with me?”

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Trump Art gone. So is the building.

Remember how just a few weeks ago there was Trump art plastered outside of this building?

I return for another movie and *gasp* the building is gone!  I’m not sure why I’m gasping anymore as this is probably the 700th* demolished building in Portland this year, but I did have that weird, “something is off” here feeling.IMG_5875

*700 is a made-up number.  Could be true though.

Temporary quick trip to the Airport

On the one hand, we can easily take public transportation to the airport.  On the other hand, it takes a long time.  We’re nearly at the end of the Yellow Line and our trip consists of going to the Rose Quarter (into town) and then transferring to the Red Line which takes us to the airport (back out of town).  Meanwhile, a drive to the airport is a straight shot down Columbia Boulevard and takes nearly no time at all.  I’ve often wished for a bus that would do the Kenton-to-Airport route.  I wonder if it would pull more people from Vancouver.

But right now there is major track work in the Rose Quarter which means all the lines have been a jumble.  (The Yellow Line is mostly fine, it just isn’t running as often.)  The Red Line now runs on the Yellow Line to Kenton and then people can take a shuttle bus to the airport.  So here it is!  My quick trip to the airport.IMG_5870

Too bad I don’t have any flights scheduled.  If there are no construction delays, this will be done by September 4.

Three sentence movie reviews: Return


The always-good Linda Cardellini and the always interesting Michael Shannon team up as a couple trying to put their life back together after Cardellini returns from a deployment.  This movie continues the tradition of being a not-quite-there attempt to depict the drawbacks/realities of the endless Iraq/Afghanistan engagement.*  Solid performances, slow plot, overall kind of just there.

Cost:  free via work-sponsored Netflix.
Where watched: at home.

*I think there needs to be some distance from a war to really “get” it on film.  And since this one is still going on, it’s difficult to have any distance.


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