Vintage Cakes: The Classic

I have long wanted to make this cake as the yellow cake with chocolate frosting is my favorite cake combination. And the Easter/Greek Easter celebration seemed to be the perfect opportunity.

Perfect opportunity to decorate with Peeps, that is!  And some other sundry Easter candy.

This cake was divine.  The cake was just the right level of moist.  The frosting was easy to make and also delicious.  Not surprisingly, no one opted for a Peep with their cake.

Three sentence movie reviews: Get Out

As a scary movie with lots of interesting commentary about race, this movie delivers.  As a story with a plot that makes sense, this movie stumbles badly.  Combine the two and I had an excellent cinematic experience, followed by several days of, “but, wait.”

Cost: $6.00
Where watched: St. Johns Twin Cinema with S. North

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Three sentence movie reviews: Weiner

I had this calibrated as “funny documentary” and then was confused to find that the story was mostly sad.  Aside from the incorrect packaging* this was an engrossing documentary.  It’s one thing when you sign up for the documentary about your comeback mayoral campaign, but end up in the documentary about your derailed mayoral campaign.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home, while cooking.**

This movie is featured with the War Room as part of a Next Picture Show podcast.

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*Maybe the ease at which puns can be associated with Anthony Weiner is the reason that two of three quotes on the poster refer to the humor in the film.
**This was an experiment to see if I could watch documentaries while cooking.  The answer is no.

Three sentence movie reviews: Spy

The boyfriend was under the weather, so we had time to watch this movie together.  This time, there were two people laughing together while watching, which is a much better way to watch movies.  Things still felt fresh, even with a second viewing in less than a week.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home with the boyfriend

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Surgery day

Today is the day the boyfriend has a surgery to remove a growth on his head.  Here are all the things I brought along: my work computer, my phone, my tablet (Matt brought that so he could play games while he waited. But then I had to hold onto it while he was in surgery), two books, my camera (not pictured because it was taking the picture) and some tea.

It struck me that I had about $3000 worth of devices with me.  Yikes.

Some wild post-surgery hair.

His surgery went well and the lump is gone.  The patient is recovering.

Poetry Reading at Shut Up and Eat

My friend C. came to town to participate in an open poetry reading and I got to accompany her. The location was the restaurant Shut Up and Eat.  I had a very good fried egg sandwich on a biscuit and settled back to hear some poetry.

David Cooke came to read his poems and also show his poetry boxes he has for sale.  He also read the poem “the New Colossus,” a poem which I have memorized.  For unknown reasons, he left off the last line.

I had this guy pegged as a poet even when he was standing in line for food.  He had the bulging notebook and taut mannerisms that pointed to a lot of thoughtful writing time.  Before everyone got started, he flipped through his notebook, reading this and that.  He also knew David Cooke left off the last line of “the New Colossus.”  What he did not do was read any poetry aloud.  Odd.

My friend going over her poem.  This picture also includes my phone, and the post-it note where I wrote down the bus transit times.

Another woman was taking pictures for a write-up of the event .


This woman was the organizer.  She read also.


A bevy of poems to choose from.

My friend’s poem went over well, and I enjoyed it.  I also enjoyed several other poems read aloud.  It was a great way to spend an evening.

REI Co-op Member #2

I don’t read the obituaries on a regular basis, but at times I’ll skim them.  What I have been doing for years, is match the birthdates of the current people listed in the obits with people in my life.  For many years, the people dying had birth years similar to my grandparents, 1908 and 1912.*  It’s now incredibly rare to find someone who was born in 1912, and the 1908 people have been out of the running for some time now.  Now I mostly find people my parents age, or my own age.

But here!  Mary Anderson!  Only one year younger than my grandfather, and three years older than my grandmother. What an exciting find!  As was the news that she was member #2 in the REI co-op.  My co-op number is much higher than hers.

*My other grandparents were born in 1898 and 1900, but by the time I started playing this game, everyone their age was more-or-less dead.

Three sentence movie reviews: Spy

Yet another excellent collaboration by Paul Feig and Melissa McCarthy, this had me laughing uproariously alone in my living room.  I think Feig is perhaps the only man in Hollywood who can tap into the many slights and frustrations of the female experience, a lot of which were on display in this movie.*  All actors were hilarious, making for a perfect movie experience.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home.

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*He’s also really good at writing women characters into his movies.  This film included McCarthy and Rose Byrne, but also Allison Janney as the CIA boss and Miranda Hart as McCarthy’s friend.  Plus a bit part by Morena Baccarin.