Speedweve-Style Loom

Internet advertising on Instagram did a good job targeting me. I saw a reel of this little device, and after some obsessive research, I bought two of them, one big and one small. Mine is not as nice as the one I would have bought from Snuggly Monkey, if they had them in stock. And I may yet upgrade. We shall see.

Essentially, the device is a loom that allows you to weave a bit of a rug over your holes. Here’s a sock with two holes in the heel.

Setting up the warp yarns. (I used sashiko thread for this one)

After that, you weave the weft yarns back and forth, reversing the direction of the hooks after every row. You end up with a little checkerboard that looks like this:

My first attempt shows some shoddiness, but that’s what first attempts are for, no? At the last row, you remove the loom and tack the loops from the warp yarn down on the sock (otherwise you are left with a little pocket) and then weave the ends into the sock.

I wasn’t sure if the darn would me distracting to me. It does add an additional layer to your sock. I’ve found that I can feel it when I first put the sock on, but after about two minutes, my body adjusts and I don’t notice the rest of the day.

Hooray for this fun new thing! I’m excited to see what else I can do with it.

My Watch Now Shows Me My Text Messages

I recently upgraded my Garmin activity tracker to a full-on Garmin 245. So now I have a watch that pushes my text messages to my phone. I don’t know how long I will want this feature. Other than that unknown, I’m really enjoying my watch.

Update from the future: Two months in, I’m still getting texts on my watch. I find it especially handy when websites text me a six-digit security code and my phone is in a different room.

#YearofStitch Sampler No. 2: The Patriarchy Isn’t Going to Smash Itself

Aside from the message, there were some other fun things in this sampler. I loved the curtain made from embroidery floss just hanging out after being woven through straight stitches. I also enjoyed getting the chance to embroider script (hard!) and keep working away at my satin stitch. (It took forever!)

I also learned that when filling a diamond with French knots, it’s best to start from the middle and work outward rather than doing the edges first.

A close-up of my satin stitch. It looks rough, but I’ll get the hang of it. I outlined in backstitch, which I don’t think was the best choice.

This was a great sampler! I had a lot of fun! Thanks, Badass Cross Stitch.

6607 N. Montana Ave 18 Units, Coming Soon

I’ve always liked this house at the corner of Montana and Liberty Street. But it looks like the days are waning.

Next Portland tells me that there are 18 units coming soon.

PortlandMaps.com isn’t connecting so I have no details about the house at this moment.

And now PortlandMaps is working! It was built in 1948 and the main level is just over 1000 square feet, plus the basement. It was sold in January of this year for $556,675. The previous sale was in March of 2021 for $555,000. Before that it last sold in 2002 for $138,000 (those were the prices when I first moved here! Affordable!) And prior to that, someone bought it in 1996 for $82,000.

No word on who built the concrete planter out front, though.