Three sentence movie reviews: Limitless

I liked this movie, it was interesting and had Abbie Cornish who is fast becoming another Melanie Lynskey* in my world.  I haven’t seen much of Bradley Cooper and he was interesting to watch.  Also, Anna Friel had a bit part which was lovely as I miss her and Pushing Daisies.

*Melanie Lynskey is a fabulous actress who delights me by appearing in bit parts here and there. Unlike Abbie Cornish who seems to be the girlfriend of the moment, Melaine Lynskey didn’t go through that phase. I wouldn’t mind seeing her star in something, or get to be the girlfriend, though she is now old enough to be the wife.

Three sentence movie reviews: Snow White and the Huntsman.

So while Magic Mike held up to a second viewing, this movie did not, alas.  Matt fell asleep in the middle and I was not nearly so charmed as the first time.  But Charlize Theron’s costumes were still fabulous.

Cost: $3.00
Where:  Kennedy School