Gayle Forman at Powell’s Cedar Hills Crossing

Powell’s has exiled the YA authors to the suburban enclave of Powell’s at Cedar Hills Crossing (once known as the Beaverton Mall).  Still, it’s Gayle Forman, YA author extraordinaire! I had to go, and thankfully friend Sunita was up for the drive.

I thought the reading room in this Powell’s would be bigger, because suburbia and all, but it was actually smaller.  And the folded chairs were very close together.  And the podium wasn’t as cool.  It wasn’t my favorite Powell’s experience.  But again, Gayle Forman! 

Gayle Forman was in conversation with Blake Nelson (author of, among other things, Paranoid Park).  The conversation was great, but was on the same level as the people in the chairs which meant a lot of leaning from side to side.  But again, Gayle Forman!

Gayle recruited someone for the audience to help with the reading from her new book I Was Here. A lovely young woman was happy to volunteer.

Blake Nelson was happy to read from the book.

The lovely young woman in question.

The audience was full of lovely young women, many holding books to be signed.

The lovely young women weren’t up to asking a lot of questions, so I got to ask two!  After, Sunita and I stayed to have our books signed and chat with Gayle.  It was a lovely evening. 

(Which is not to say it wouldn’t have been lovelier at the downtown Powell’s.  But again, Gayle Forman!)