Changes afoot close in

Watch out, Burgerville, that those buildings don’t swallow you whole!

This is just south of the Rose Quarter.  Construction has been going like gangbusters in this area, which makes sense because it’s so close-in and has very good access to public transportation.  When I moved here in 2001, there was a new-construction condo for sale in this neighborhood for $84,000.  Too bad I wasn’t in the market then.  I’m quite sure units in that complex aren’t going for that amount anymore.

The building being constructed in the back of this picture is the other side of the building that is swallowing Burgerville.  I love the old-school nature of the two buildings in the foreground.  Both the architecture and the fact that both of them have signs telling you what they are.  “Professional Building,” “Dental Building.”  I’m quite certain neither of these is long for this world.