Massachusetts is the last glass standing.

This is one of four glasses given to me for Christmas several years ago by regular commenter Sara.  I had one glass for each state I’ve lived in: Idaho, Missouri, Massachusetts & Oregon.  Oregon and Idaho were the first to die, victim to my regular level of klutz. Then there was a respite of a goodly amount of time until today.

The glass was sitting on the counter and I reached up to the pot rack for a colander. When I pulled the colander down, the hook came too, then detached itself from the colander and BAM! A frontal assault on the Missouri glass.  Glass went everywhere!  It blew pieces all over the kitchen and the top part of the glass precariously on top of the lower part of the glass.

I cleaned it up and now Massachusetts is the only one left.

I’m not taking the blame for this glass going down.  I’m placing this firmly in the category of “freak accident.”

Camisole part II (big fail) pattern weights and two napkins.

When we last saw the camisole, I was waiting for the arrival of the stretch lace.  It arrived, and last weekend, I attempted to sew it together as was called for in the instructions.  The machine kept jamming and I decided I was not in the space for sewing, and put away the project for the week. 

My brain kept things on the back burner though, and I remembered reading that backing the lace/unstable item with tissue paper might help.  I did this and voila!  It worked!

I then sewed the lace to the camisole.  Note.  This was not the right way to do this.  We’ll talk more about this later.

Straps were attached (wrong, ripped out and reattached) and I noticed the lace sagged instead of standing up and meeting the strap.  So tacked them.

When I tried on the camisole, I found some problems.  First of all, the lace folded up together.  That wasn’t right.

Also, by the time I had adjusted everything to proper height,  the sliders on the straps were all the way to the front of the camisole.  So I ripped out the straps again, shortened them and reattached.

I tacked down the lace on the bottom to encourage it not to roll together and that sort of worked.  But the top stuff flopped over.  So that wasn’t good.

Overall, neither of the camisoles turned out to work for me.  The gapped a bit at the underarms and my bra is so full coverage, I had to wear them really high. And my bra straps still showed, which I have a problem with.  So they’ve been reassigned to the role of pajama tops when the weather gets warmer.  Rather disappointing, but all part of the game.

I hung up the instructions with the camisoles and a few hours later noticed that I put the lace on wrong.  I attached at the mid-point of the lace, but I should have attached at the bottom of the lace.  Sigh.

I did have success in my quest to use up bigger “bits” of leftover material.  I now have three pattern weights.

And two napkins.  So there’s that.