Three sentence movie reviews: Now You See Me


It’s a heist movie with magicians, which if neither of those things are your thing, this isn’t the movie for you.  But if one or both are, I encourage you to find this overlooked flick with fabulous actors all doing their fabulous acting thing, as well as special effects that don’t intrude and an excellent plot.  This also has the best character intros I’ve ever seen in a film, which, even if you think you don’t like heist films or magicians, you should watch the first part just to be schooled in that particular bit of movie magic.*

Cost: free from library (Ruffalo?  Eisenburg? Freeman? Cane? Fisher?  Why the hell not?)
Where watched: at home, and at home with Matt

*The intros were so good, when I showed them to Matt, he watched the entire movie in one setting which he never does.**
**This meant I watched it twice in one night, and yes, it was that good.

poster from:
It also has an excellent poster.  Is there anything this movie can’t do?
World peace?
Perhaps not that.