Three sentence movie reviews: 13 Reasons Why Season 2

Hannah Baker’s tapes have been disseminated beyond the original 13 people, and we rejoin our tattooed teenagers as the Baker’s lawsuit against the school is going to trial. However, Polaroids start showing up indicating that Hannah wasn’t the only one and Dylan Minnette, as Clay Jensen takes the lead in getting to the bottom of things. Good acting by all made for a discussable season that spent a lot of time focusing on the aftermath of rape, among other things.*

Cost: Netflix monthly fee ($7.99)
Where watched: at home

*I think the series went too far with one character’s plot arc on that front, but we shall see if they redeem themselves in Season 3. And I did appreciate the emphasis that recovery is a long process, not something that is done with after the television season is over.

Some extra sentences: I loved this season from a story-telling standpoint. In the first season Hannah was in full control of the story. In this season other people told their story of Hannah which introduced shades of grey to everything we learned about Hannah in the first season. It made her a more sympathetic character, and more complex, too.

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