Three sentence movie reviews: Now You See Me 2

The magicians are back* and up to their usual tricks, but the FBI is on their tail, as is Walter Mabry.**  There are complicating factors, and tricks and double crosses and it all holds together well if you don’t think too deeply about it. With this many good actors, the result is going to be a solid film, which this was.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home with Matt after moving three tons of flagstone.

*Though we’ve swapped out Isla Fisher for Lizzy Caplan
**There is an internal squeal of glee when Daniel Radcliffe appears first as a character; I enjoy him as an adult actor.

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Backyard: 3 tons of flagstone, placed

Here’s what three tons of flagstone looks like when it’s all stacked together.  I had a lot of anxiety around this part of the project. How much stone would it be? Would we successfully be able to keep all the cars from parking in front of the house during the delivery window? Would it completely exhaust me to do the moving of the stone?

And here’s what three tons of flagstone looks like when you place it in the backyard. And here I learned that irregular stone is just as annoying as regular stone. I thought this would be great because we didn’t have to spend so much time getting things straight and lined up properly. But instead, the slabs of stone don’t fit together nicely so there are a lot of gaps. I do like how it looks, though. and I think the color goes nicely with the house.

Thank goodness our friend Burt came and helped. It was a very big job.

Next one the list: we will fill in all those small holes with smaller rock and then fill in the spaces between with sand.

But immediately next we will go to the Kennedy School to soak in the soaking pool and then have dessert.  And then we will not do much for the rest of the day.