SKS Postcard: Fight or Buy Bonds

Aside from fighting and purchasing things, it looks as if artistically losing your shirt is also an option.

This is from an exhibit at the Walker Art Museum that Sara attended with her father. She reports that she has finished adjuncting her class and will grade when she and Shawn return from the Shawn Tour–a vacation of Shawn’s growing-up places.

Curtis Tigard was only one year younger than my grandfather who died in 1990

While the obits of people my grandmother’s age–born in 1912–have become few and far between, it has been years since I’ve seen a local obituary of someone born before 1910. And here is the grandson of the City of Tigard’s founder, Curtis Tigard, born in 1909.

Well done, Mr. Tigard. Also, I believe my friend Kelly supplied the cake for his 105th birthday party, through her job at New Seasons.