Two pictures from house hunting

Matt’s mother is in town to look for a condo.  I went along because I love looking at houses. Here are two pictures from the day.

From the fifth floor roof garden of a place in Goose Hollow. This deck looks over the Alliance Francaise, which is housed in a grand old building. 

In a complex in the Pearl, I found that Amazon delivery drivers are ignoring the stated rules, just like they do at my work. The bank of mailboxes in the stairwell is not “the mailroom” so stop treating it as if it is!

We viewed about 12 properties over two days and Linda found one to make an offer on.

SKS Postcards: Banff, the Rimrock Hotel, Bemidji

Sara went on vacation and these three postcards arrived in my mailbox. Two were from Canada and dated 8/3, the third was posted in the US and was dated 8/14. International mail takes a very long time.

Here’s another example of my favorite style of postcard wherein the letters of the name have pictures of things that makes the place famous.Sara reports that they experienced the things depicted in the B, the N, and the F personally, though the N was viewed from a distance.

I’ve been to Banff and I believe I also experienced the N.

Sara reports that this was not their view from the Rimrock. Instead, it was a car park. Sara and Shawn enjoyed the beauty and reports that it was chilly, but that was welcome after hot Montana.

This was on Sara’s Minnesota oversized wonder bucket list. She also likes this old school Paul and is wondering about a Bunyun-based US tour. This article lists about 15 locations of statues (and lists the Portland, Oregon statue as the most famous. Take that, Minnesota!)