NW Hoyt & 18th not long for this world? Or will it stay?

I snapped a picture of this building and then did some research on what’s happening with it. As usual the Next Portland site was very helpful.

1727 NW Hoyt was originally built as a maternity hospital, most recently was an office building and has been vacant since 2007. In 2014 the developer applied for a demolition permit, but was rebuffed.  The most recent update is from 2015, with talk of converting it to boutique hotel rooms.  It’s certainly got good parking for that purpose. However, the time that has passed has me wondering if that is what will come to pass.

Three sentence movie reviews: Flash Gordon


While I fell asleep several times during this film, I always enjoy looking at the practical effects of the pre-CGI world. The acting was mostly terrible (exception: Timothy Dalton), but it’s an iconic film that I’m happy to have seen. Or seen most of, I guess.

Cost: $2.00 (I have found the cheapest theater in town!)
Where watched: McMenamins Mission Theater

Three sentence movie reviews: Tig Notaro Happy to Be Here


Tig Notaro is a master of making me like her so much I want to protect her while also making me somewhat uncomfortable during her comedy specials. So was it with this special during the end bit concerning the Indigo Girls. I always enjoy exposure to the machinations of Notaro’s mind.

Cost: Netflix subscription fee ($7.99)
Where watched: at home with Matt

Three sentence movie reviews: Blue Jay


A chance hometown meeting of high school sweethearts launches this two-people-walking-and-talking-style story that you like or you don’t.* Tentative in their conversation at first, Paulson and Duplass crank up the stakes as the hours pass. It’s a quiet movie, populated with good acting and the sadness of nostalgia.

Cost: Netflix monthly subscription ($7.99)
Where watched: at home

Consider also watching: Before We Go, Before Sunrise, Gerry

*I like. Matt doesn’t.

Requiem: Knife

This is a Romanian knife you are looking at!  I visited Hungary & Romania with the church youth group in 2005 (and also 2008, but did not acquire any knives on that trip.) While in Romania, we visited a grocery store to pick up things for a picnic and one of the things the tour leaders brought was this knife.

It somehow got packed into one of the other chaperone’s things and when we were repacking before our flight back to the US, she asked if anyone wanted it.  I volunteered and it’s been a good workhorse since that time.

Three sentence movie reviews: High Noon


Various problems with DVDs and many holds at the library meant that watching this classic was a long time coming. However, once I successfully did press play, I was thrilled to find that this is a classic for a reason. Almost filmed in real time, the tension increases with each scene as we find out more of why Marshal Will Kane’s story.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home

Consider also watching: Rudy, Battle of the Sexes, the Martian, Legally Blonde

And here is our scratch-off poster roundup:

This clock will be familiar to all who watch this movie.

I tend to be less impressed with scratch-offs that just reproduce obvious things like this iconic picture.

And this one. 

Three sentence movie reviews: Like Father

(I’m pretty sure this scene was not in the movie)

Into everyone’s life some not-very-good movies must come,* and this falls in the not-good category. I think what it was lacking was the spark that made me want to root for the characters, though Bell and Grammer tried their best. The Newlywed Game scene was amusing, but other than that, this movie was a big thumbs down.**

Cost: Netflix monthly charge ($7.99)
Where watched: at home.

*And as I watch a lot of movies I see a goodly number of so-so features. I watch them so you don’t have to.
**On the plus side, it’s a movie written and directed by a woman.  Let’s hope Lauren Miller Rogan has some more directing opportunities in the future.

Consider watching instead: Dan in Real Life, Hanna, Father of the Bride, the Descendants

Three sentence movie reviews: Ocean’s 12


It was fun to revisit this film and the Ocean’s 11 gang, especially since I had forgotten all but a few details of the plot. The European locations were gorgeously filmed and the heist was more unbelievable, but still fun. Vincent Cassel was very fun to watch as Francois Toulour.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home with Matt who enjoyed.

Consider also watching: Ocean’s Thirteen, Point Break, The Italian Job, Fast Five

Postcard from Portland, Oregon

This is from friend Kelly, thanking me for attending her birthday celebration. The object in the left corner of the card is a bit of masking tape. Kelly initially wrote the wrong address, so covered it with masking tape and re-addressed. I hadn’t thought of using masking tape for such a purpose, but it would come in handy if one didn’t have any blank labels.