SKS postcard: Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda

A place where we have both visited together!  Also, apparently Shawn picked this card. I’m not sure if he picked it out at the store, or picked it as the one for Sara to write to me, but either way, good pick.

Sara reports that summer is hard this year due to lack of people.  So she is taking herself to a coffee shop to do some work.  Tangential people are better than nothing.

SKS postcard: diorama part III

Sara wrote this on 5/13/18 which she pointed out is 5+13=18. She often does fun things with dates, which is left over from her time as a classroom teacher.

This is the last of the creepy diorama postcards from New York City and I find this one to be less creepy, possibly due to the character’s face turned away, and the red hue. I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to be learning from this diorama though. Photo developing in a pre-digital era?  I’m already familiar with that, having taken photography in ninth grade, but perhaps people younger than me wouldn’t be.

Postcards rotated

I think the last time I rotated the postcards was 2015. I remember doing it on the weekend before I started my job at Sabin, having just quit the Emerson School. Let’s look back at the blog and see if I’m right.  Indeed!  It has been more that 2.5 years!

So here is the new setup. Once I was done I realized I put them up in the wrong order, so the oldest are on the second row, right side, and then they work their way to the newest, which are the top row, left side.

Matt’s only question was “Where did the PCC come from?”  As chronicled here, they were from Sara, and they look great on the wall, just as she imagined.

SKS postcard: New York

This is a great postcard from Sara which she picked up at a NYC street fair. It’s an advertising postcard–the back is full of details about the artist, but Sara has covered most of those details with blank address labels, so she can write me.

Sara reports she’s made it to the last day of the semester!  Hooray for that!

If you want to see more from this artist, her website is

Postcards: SKS and one from Alaska

I got a very fun postcard invitation of Cindy’s parents’s anniversary.  In strange happenstance, they are also expecting their first grandchild this year.   Here’s a delightful post from 2013 where Matt and I attended Cindy’s wedding.

I also got a fun postcard from Sara.  She got it at the Red Balloon Children’s Bookstore because she LOVES Jane Mount, the illustrator.  I was not familiar with Jane Mount, or Ideal Bookshelf, but it seems to be a good way to celebrate books.

SKS Postcard: DC. Plus another from Florida

I’ve always liked this stamp, and also this postcard of this stamp. Sara reports that there is a lot going on as she creeps ever closer to the end of the semester. She also used a Mister Rogers stamp for postage, which isn’t even a postcard stamp!  They had just gotten them and she couldn’t resist. I loved it, so it was well spent.

Maureen sent me this great map postcard of the Orange State. She and her son went there “NOT during Spring Break” she says in an aside, to meet up with her Mom and her sister’s family. Not only was it sunny (it was not sunny here) but they also got to hold a baby alligator.

Once again, two postcards in one day. Where do they hang out together before making their way to my mailbox? Maybe I should post a reward for evidence?

SKS Postcard: Mystery postcard

Sara writes that this postcard is being written while her computer is not behaving itself. More than a few postcards have been traded between us this year while our computers updated and restarted. She will be getting a new one.

This is a mystery postcard because the painting is from the Art Institute of Chicago, and Sara has never been there. It’s also not really Sara subject matter, so I’m sure she didn’t buy it.