Three sentence movie reviews: A Place in the Sun


Regular commenter Jan recently watched this and I was intrigued enough by her review to put it on hold.  What I found was an engrossing depiction of both class and a frank (especially for 1951) depiction of an accidental pregnancy. Expertly acted by all three leads, with special props going to Shelly Winters, who had the tough job of walking the line between trapped/insistent/annoying and sympathetic.*

cost: free from library
where watched: at home

*Look at how awesome she looks on this poster!

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Three sentence movie reviews: Sherlock Season 2

season2_dvd (1)


I enjoyed watching our heroes navigate through three more cases.  Sadly, I already know that season three exists so the emotional weight of the final episode rested lightly on my shoulders.  In general though, I feel quite happy when excellent actors find an excellent show and I get the quite awesome product.

Cost: free from library.  (And plucked off the shelf!  I didn’t have to reserve it!)
Where watched: at home.

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(sorry this was the best I could do, IMP Awards doesn’t do DVD covers of series.