Goodbye to you, inviting lot.

IMG_3461I’ve long enjoyed walking past this lot at 1536 N Schofield St.  It’s a little bit overgrown, but has some great mature trees on it. Portland Maps tells me it’s currently owned by the Frank A Morse Family Trust and was purchased for $22,500 in 1997. If I wanted to buy it and keep it a fun little hideaway, I’d have to pony up $210,000.  I just ran some mortgage numbers and with a $5000.00 down payment and a 15 year fixed rate mortgage, I would have to pay $1900.00 per month.  So I’m guessing this will be a large infill house very soon.

City of Roses Motel. Stucco.

Ooooooooo! I said as I caught my first glimpse of the stucco siding.  So pretty!  And it will look great against the grey skies of winter.  Assuming it ever rains again in Portland, Oregon.


The other thing I have noticed is that all the windows have been installed except for this set.  I assume they are leaving them open for easier access.