Three sentence movie reviews: The Lifeguard


While the movie shelves are loaded with whiny male protagonists whose lives fall apart and they retreat to somewhere/something to recover, there are fewer of these stories about women.  So it was that I enjoyed watching Kristen Bell return home to her parents to be again the lifeguard she was as a teenager.  I found the story resonant and the acting was great too, especially by Bell, Mamie Gummer and Alex Shaffer.

Cost:  free from library
Where watched: at home, while avoiding prepping for vacation.

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Three sentence movie reviews: 22 Jump Street


While not as funny as the first time I watched it, (the surprise factor was gone) I still enjoyed this sequel making fun of sequels.  This time I greatly anticipated the Mr. & Mrs. Smith scene and cackled at Jillian Bell’s weirdness.  This would also make a good movie for a discussion of male attitudes toward women sleeping around depending on if the women in question is the male’s daughter or not.

Cost:  free from library. (It was just sitting there. I couldn’t not bring it home.)
Where watched: at home.

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