What the fridge looks like at the end of the month

My every-two-weeks shopping trip, combined with the fact that a month isn’t four weeks, but instead four weeks and a few days, meant that I ate leftovers for this week.  Tomorrow, I go grocery shopping.  Today?  All that is left are things in the dairy family (cheese, buttermilk, milk), two servings of soup, some lentils and a drawer full of onions. Thank goodness February has only four weeks.

Postcard from Minneapolis

My camera was confused by all the colors on this postcard and took a rather dark picture, which I then brightened in post.*  Sara reports that the day after she wrote this, she plans on having a working day. So far her semester has been filled with campus/school site things. But she’s got a long to-do list and she’s going to tackle it.

I’m sure that she did!

*”We’ll fix it in post!” I like to make that excuse about stuff. Sometimes things get fixed in post production, sometimes not.