Bend Anniversary: Smith Rock Hike

It’s our 15th Anniversary, so we headed to Bend to use our hotel vouchers and celebrate.  On the way into town, we stopped at Smith Rock and did a short hike.

Matt found something to climb. 

It was a beautiful day.  And because it was a Thursday afternoon in early May, it wasn’t very crowded.

Coming down from doing trail work.

Forced perspective.

It’s just so pretty there!

3 thoughts on “Bend Anniversary: Smith Rock Hike”

  1. Gosh, just seeing the pictures of Matt climbing that is making my palms sweaty. I’m not afraid of heights but I don’t like climbing things that look rickety/poorly secured to get there.

    Looks beautiful, though, and like a good hike!

  2. The pictures are great! They seem so crisp (as if you were using a new camera, phone, or app). I love the climbing shots – such action!

    Yay for anniversary outings!

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