What the fridge looks like at the end of the month

My every-two-weeks shopping trip, combined with the fact that a month isn’t four weeks, but instead four weeks and a few days, meant that I ate leftovers for this week.  Tomorrow, I go grocery shopping.  Today?  All that is left are things in the dairy family (cheese, buttermilk, milk), two servings of soup, some lentils and a drawer full of onions. Thank goodness February has only four weeks.

One thought on “What the fridge looks like at the end of the month”

  1. Those are some empty larder days as sung about in Oliver! Good thing it is a 4 week month!!!

    Hi! I just finished 3 hours of email work that I thought would wrap up in 1. I always underestimate how long email catch up will take. I took a break from email last week for spring break, so I get that I had let it pile up a bit. I am trying to get back to the grindstone today.

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