Three sentence movie reviews: Hidden Figures

This was fun.  And when a movie can make systematic discrimination (both race AND gender) fun, it’s a winner.  I could have done with less cut-away “funny” comments by Glen Powell as John Glenn.

Cost: $1.50 via Redbox
Where watched: at home with Matt.

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My 100 days post #7. Week 2 review, week 3 plan

Week 2 plan [and what happened]

Basically, I have rough transitions when I come back from vacation.  Because I get up very early (4:45 in my normal routine) I never want to maintain that when I go on vacation.  Then it’s tough to slide back into the routine when I return.

5/8 Monday–Swim [Didn’t swim.  Slept in. Did walk before work.]
5/9 Tuesday–Walk before work; tap dance [yes and yes]
5/10 Wednesday–Swim; square dance [No swim.  Slept in again. Had bad attitude  Did walk across the bridge, did square dance.]
5/11 Thursday–Walk before work [Did it]
5/12 Friday–Swim [The triumphant return to the pool!]
5/13 Saturday–Yoga; square dance [The other occupant in the house is sick and woke me up with his coughing.  I was awake for a long time, so slept in and skipped yoga.  I did go to the square dance.]
5/14 Sunday–Walk that is more than an hour in duration. [Also awoken due to coughing by another, also slept in, also did not go on a walk of any duration.]

Total planned activities:  10
Total activities done: 8
Number of activities subbed: 2

Wednesday and Thursday might be tough due to after-work commitments.  Will aim for the other days.  [I did meditate on Monday and Tuesday.  I did not meditate on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Saturday I did, though.  What happens on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night was that I came home from work, and had the choice of eating, or meditation.  I could not do both.  There was no time.  I will be proactive and meditate on the train in the morning on days that have quick transitions.  I didn’t meditate on Sunday, because weekends have no routine and tend to be busy, so the meditation gets forgotten.  Weekends are going to be an area of focus during 100 days, I can tell.]

Food habits:
Continue to track food habits.
Last week I noticed the following things (that were not at all new for me to notice) 1. I eat while cooking, which I don’t really like doing, but also don’t like stopping.  2. I sometime don’t eat dinner because I’m “not hungry” and then eat snacks instead.

This week I noticed I never have a food plan for the weekend.  I’d like to have a slight bit more structure built into my weekends around food.

The plan for the week of 5/15

As mentioned, the boyfriend has had a cough and a cold.  As of Sunday night I’ve got some laryngitis stuff going on.  I’m hoping that’s the extent of illness that will invade my body, but there’s a chance this plan will go south.  Though I hope not.  It’s a really busy week.

5/15 Monday–Swim
5/16 Tuesday–Walk in the morning, tap dance
5/17 Wednesday–Swim, Square dance
5/18 Thursday–Walk in the morning
5/19 Friday–Swim
5/20 Saturday–AM yoga
5/21 Sunday–walk to meet a friend for an event we have planned.

According to the new plan and my calendar I should meditate in the morning on Monday, Thursday and Friday.  I should be able to meditate in the evening on Tuesday and Wednesday. Weekends I will meditate when I feel kind of exhausted.

Food habits:
I’m experimenting with getting 800 grams of produce per day.  Let’s see if that ends up to be triggering in any way.  Also I need to put my food books on hold at the library.  I can’t afford to buy my own copies right now.

Best snack for Family Book Group

The bar code is obscuring the full title, but we read I am Princess X for Family Book Group. Danielle came up with this most excellent snack item.

She also posted many images of Princess X around the room, sneaking them into normal displays.  This was very fitting to the story, and was a delightful bonus.

Librarians are so fun.

Filmspotting Massacre Theater Prize

My favorite film podcast Filmspotting has a regular feature in which the two hosts perform a scene from a movie and people write in guessing the movie. As the two hosts are terrible actors, this can be a very hard game.  I’m not very good at it, and rarely enter.  Thus, I was quite happy to hear my name read as the ultimate winner when they massacred Crazy Stupid Love.

My prize was this t-shirt with their logo.  Thanks, Filmspotting.

My 100 Days Post #6. The first tracking week.

Here was my plan [Here’s how I did with my plan]

5/1 Monday–Swim [Did it]
5/2 Tuesday–Tap [I forgot that I was going to an author reading instead of going to tap class.  But I also forgot to list my usual Tuesday morning walk of approximately 25 minutes.  I did that, and took a 10 minute walk to the bus stop after work, and then a 15 minute walk after the reading.  There was no intense tap dance class, but I still got 50 minutes of walking in.]
5/3 Wednesday–Swim, Square Dance [Did the swim, went to square dancing]
5/4 Thursday–Hike? [We did have a short, 30 minute hike]
5/5 Friday–Hike? [We drove a very long way to a short 20 minute hike.  It was cool, but not a lot of activity]
5/6 Saturday–Hike? [We did a long hike, somewhere around 2 hours.]
5/7 Sunday–Hike? [No hike.  We took a long drive home.]

Can do on M, T.  Wednesday might be tight.  T-Sun.  Vacation probably hard to work in. I will see if I can. [Did meditate on Monday.  Did not meditate any other day this week.]

Food habits:
Note three food habits that could be modified. [Have noted them, will do a summary at the end of the trail month.]

Plan for next week:
5/8 Monday–Swim
5/9 Tuesday–Walk before work; tap dance
5/10 Wednesday–Swim; square dance
5/11 Thursday–Walk before work
5/12 Friday–Swim
5/13 Saturday–Yoga; square dance
5/14 Sunday–Walk that is more than an hour in duration.

Wednesday and Thursday might be tough due to after-work commitments.  Will aim for the other days.

Food habits:
Continue to track food habits.

Bend Anniversary: Hike

We met up with one of my high school friend and his partner for coffee and then set out for a hike.

Here is Benham Falls.

After visiting the falls, we hiked part of the Deschutes River Trail, which was pretty. You can see it by looking past our grinning faces in the following self-portraits.

Two timer photos on this trip!  

After that, we got some linner and hung out at the hotel.  The next day involved driving to Roseburg, Eugene and Corvallis to get more stamps.  No photos exist of this day.

It was a lovely anniversary trip.

All those McMenamins fires don’t just spring forth unaided

I was exploring the different areas of the hotel when I came across this pile of wood.  Most McMenamins properties have multiple fire pits and Bend is no exception.  Here’s the wood that feed those fires.

A few hours later, all the wood had been moved.

Old St. Francis school has recently expanded into two new buildings, one of which includes secret rooms. And there’s even a hidden bar. They were very fun to find.