Cats in windowsill

Sentinel and Antares have lived together for nearly a decade now, and I’m still not sure if they like each other.  They don’t hate each other, as their skirmishes are few and far between. And they will often curl together to sleep for some period of time before one of the gets bored and wanders off, or gets annoyed and pushy. 

This picture came about because Sentinel was sleeping in the windowsill and Antares got in his face. Is this a picture of Sentinel holding his ground in the face of Antares pushiness? Or are they happy to be sharing the same space?

Sentinel investigates flour

I dropped the large glass jar that holds my all purpose flour and it shattered.  Sentinel showed interest, hopping forward to eagerly sniff things, but when I redirected him outside the kitchen he sat and watched me clean up the mess.

It was only after I set the garbage can outside of the kitchen area so I could clean around it that he investigated.

It turns out Sentinel is a fan of flour, though I shooed him away from the garbage can due to all the glass.

Graffiti artist: Do you believe life is fair?

I believe I have found another of the classy graffiti artist’s work.  It’s the phrase “Do you believe life is fair? No. that is why we must work to make it so.” The words were superimposed around a curb cut in Northwest Portland. I stood in the middle and turned in a circle to capture every side.

As I walked away, I noticed that it had also be stenciled leading up to that cub cut, though most of the lines had faded.

I still haven’t seen a name to go with the art and Googling the phrase didn’t get me anything.

Three sentence movie reviews: Crazy Rich Asians

This movie was very pretty to look at, from both a scenery and actor perspective, plus it took place in Singapore, which is an area I’m not at all familiar with, even cinematically. However, the pacing of this film was very slow, which made for not quite the enjoyable movie going experience I was looking for. Awkwafina perked up whatever scene she was in, but otherwise this was a little bit of a slog.*

Cost: $5.55
Where watched: Regal City Center Stadium 12 with S. North, who fell asleep.

Consider also watching: The Incredible Jessica James, Maggie’s Plan

*Also, by the time a person has been in a relationship for a year, the time has long passed for them to disclose any things about their family that might matter to the other person in the relationship. The lack of such disclosure bugged me and made it hard to root for the couple.

Three sentence movie reviews: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

As an adolescent who wrote and then did not send letters to boys I liked, this movie was right up my alley. Aside from the fun not-relationship setup, we also got family life and some less fun social media harassment issues. While this movie has a few flaws,* it’s been a very good summer for romantic comedies (mostly due to Netflix) and I’m happy to add this to the list of solid rom-coms.

Cost: Netflix monthly subscription fee ($7.99)
Where watched: at home, and it was exactly what I needed on this particular Sunday evening.

Also consider watching: Warm Bodies, Everything Everything

*If they are lounging on their couches, why do they watch media on a laptop and not some sort of TV device? Don’t tell me they don’t have a TV, because they must.  Also, when one gets into a hot tub in one’s nightgown, one does not then get to walk in a dry nightgown back to their room.

Two pictures from house hunting

Matt’s mother is in town to look for a condo.  I went along because I love looking at houses. Here are two pictures from the day.

From the fifth floor roof garden of a place in Goose Hollow. This deck looks over the Alliance Francaise, which is housed in a grand old building. 

In a complex in the Pearl, I found that Amazon delivery drivers are ignoring the stated rules, just like they do at my work. The bank of mailboxes in the stairwell is not “the mailroom” so stop treating it as if it is!

We viewed about 12 properties over two days and Linda found one to make an offer on.

SKS Postcards: Banff, the Rimrock Hotel, Bemidji

Sara went on vacation and these three postcards arrived in my mailbox. Two were from Canada and dated 8/3, the third was posted in the US and was dated 8/14. International mail takes a very long time.

Here’s another example of my favorite style of postcard wherein the letters of the name have pictures of things that makes the place famous.Sara reports that they experienced the things depicted in the B, the N, and the F personally, though the N was viewed from a distance.

I’ve been to Banff and I believe I also experienced the N.

Sara reports that this was not their view from the Rimrock. Instead, it was a car park. Sara and Shawn enjoyed the beauty and reports that it was chilly, but that was welcome after hot Montana.

This was on Sara’s Minnesota oversized wonder bucket list. She also likes this old school Paul and is wondering about a Bunyun-based US tour. This article lists about 15 locations of statues (and lists the Portland, Oregon statue as the most famous. Take that, Minnesota!)