Vintage Cakes: Lemon and Almond Streamliner Cake

I forgot to take my traditional cake-with-Vintage-Cakes picture, but this one is more fun.

As you might guess, it was Deborah’s birthday.  I offered to make a cake.  She mentioned she liked lemon, so I found this recipe.

I’m a chocolate girl, so I never would have made this for myself.  But it is a-mazing!  The Almond cake (which introduced me to almond paste) is delicious and joins perfectly with the lemon curd on top.

This is also a fairly forgiving cake, as I put it in the wrong sized pan (9×1-inch is not quite the same as 9×2-inch) and it spilled over onto the bottom of the oven.  Turns out that aside from the extra-crispy bottom, that spillover was very tasty too.

I also didn’t put all the lemon juice called for in the lemon curd, but it was still divine.

I’ve learned from Julia Child not to tell everyone your cooking/baking mistakes, so I kept mum about my cake baking trials.  No one noticed anything amiss and the cake was very well received by all.

I’ve also learned that when you freeze a piece the lemon curd becomes something like sorbet.

Another Vintage Cakes winner!

Cascade Head Hike for Kelly’s Birthday

It’s Kelly’s birthday and she wants to go to hike Cascade Head.  So off we go in Heidi and Kevin’s Car.

There was a stowaway who climbed aboard for the trip.IMG_5768

Kevin got to drive.  Thanks Kevin!IMG_5769

From the car, pictures of some trees.IMG_5770

At the informational sign.IMG_5771

Kevin had to be coaxed into posing.IMG_5772

Our first glimpse of the ocean.IMG_5773

Long way to fall.IMG_5774 IMG_5775

Heidi made birthday cupcakes!  The birthday girl samples hers.IMG_5776 IMG_5777

Our view while we snacked.IMG_5778

Cascade Head makes for a good birthday hike!

Pine Street Market with S&S

Sara and Shawn came back through town and we went to dinner at the new Pine Street Market, which is where a bunch of gourmet-type restaurants all banded together to sell their wares and share a big seating area.  You might recognize the concept from the mall food court. But this has better quality food.

My food was good, but I didn’t love the noise level or the fact that some places had table service and some did not.

What I did love was the Wiz Bang Bar, which is Salt & Straw‘s foray into soft serve.IMG_5672

I got salted caramel with chocolate dip (which is more magic shell than dip–although I guess they are probably the same thing) and it was delicious!

I did not take any photos with Shawn and Sara.  Perhaps when they get their posts up, there will be pictures.

Heidi & Kevin’s Post-Sunday Parkways BBQ

It’s another year and another Sunday and another Sunday of Sunday Parkways. As this is the North Portland Sunday Parkways, Heidi and Kevin hosted their annual post-ride party.

Kevin grills!  Bella hides from the sun!IMG_5614

New to the party this year was Cornhole.  Matt turned out to be a ringer, winning all of his games.IMG_5615 IMG_5616


Figs and umbrellaIMG_5619

This was the party at which Matt’s birthday cake was consumed, today being Matt’s birthday.  Happy birthday!IMG_5622

Thanks Heidi & Kevin for yet another good party!

Things to know about the Cosmic Tripster Party. (AKA: We go to Cosmic Tripster IV)

The first thing to know is that there will be lines.  So many lines.  We stood in line for more than an hour to get in and then we stood in line for food and for ice cream and for drinks and for more drinks.  We also stood in line to get all the special Cosmic Tripster IV stamps and stood in line multiple times for the bathroom.  There are a lot of people.  You will stand in line.

Standing in line is entertaining.  The more I drank, the chattier I got.  Among other things, I learned all about the first Cosmic Tripster party while standing in line.  We ran across one of the McMenamin brothers while standing in line.  There is ample people watching to do when you are standing in line.

If you are a person who likes to “do” things know that these were the kind of things to do at this particular Cosmic Tripster Party:  eat food, drink various beverages.  Go on the special passport hunt of the day.  (Said passport hunt doesn’t get you any prizes.)  Stand in line for a photo booth photo on Edgefield’s stage. Drunk text your friends.  Visit the backstage at Edgefield. Play ping pong backstage.  Play some of the lawn games that were strewn about the lawn.  Listen to the free concert.   People watch.  It’s a pretty chill party.

If you want to get be there from the very first moment, plan to arrive early to stand in line.  We arrived at the start time and stood in line for an hour to get in, so plan your arrival time accordingly.

If you will drink (and I heartily recommend it) don’t forget to bring cash to tip the bartenders.  I only had one dollar and was not very successful at tipping.  Sorry bartenders.  If I attend another Cosmic Tripster Party I will be more prepared.

And now, the photos!

The line, second leg.  At this point we could hear that cheering was happening, but not see what was going on and we wondered about all the cheering.


Part of the line went through the golf course, which made for some low-level excitement.  Would anyone be hit?  No one was while were were standing in line.IMG_5522

It turns out the cheering was for us!  The Cosmic Tripsters!  After we were checked off our list and got our wristband and sticker, we were gauntlet high-fived by McMeanamins staff.  Which I was feeling awkward about, but was kind of fun.IMG_5523

Our first order of business was food.  There were appetizers being passed as we waited in line.  I was quite happy to have a hot dog.  It was 3:00 and I was HUNGRY!IMG_5524

We sat on the Edgefield Lawn to eat.  The party was just getting started, but you can see the line for the photo booth on the Edgefield Stage had already started.IMG_5525

Standing in line to enter the raffle and for commemorative posters.  Despite Matt checking early and often, none of us won a raffle prize.  Boo!IMG_5526

Matt standing in line for ice cream.  You can see his sticker.IMG_5527

I wore my Cosmic Tripster t-shirt.  And so did everyone else.IMG_5529

Eating the ice cream. Mine came in a cup, not a cone.  I rolled with it.IMG_5530

Backstage at Edgefield.  (This may have been my favorite part, other than people watching.  And all the drinking.)IMG_5531

Burt samples the big bowl of M&Ms.  No brown ones. IMG_5532

Hanging out in one of the pre-show trailers.  Also, behind this door is a bathroom that you didn’t have to wait in line for.  IMG_5533

Though the space was fairly spartan in its furnishings, I was surprised at how much original artwork was on the walls.IMG_5534

The view from the couch.  We hung out on that couch for a while.IMG_5535

Laurie and Matt play ping pong backstage while I stand in line for a drink.IMG_5537

We did not opt for a photo booth photo, but Laurie did go stand on stage.IMG_5539

Burt getting Brian McMenamin’s autograph.IMG_5540

On the hunt for stamps!  Hops growing at Edgefield.IMG_5547

Grapes growing at Edgefield.IMG_5548

Cosmic Tripster shirts abounded.IMG_5549

The Jerry Garica statue was in full bloom and we all posed.2016-06-12

The port-a-potties were very fancy, but getting out of them was difficult if you had imbibed.  I was befuddled and had to slowly puzzle together the multiple steps.  Other drunk people just pounded on the door, yelling they were trapped.IMG_5553

Laurie has found both water and beer!IMG_5555

The two of us were very good at imbibing.  As neither one of us is known for our imbibing, we had a great time.IMG_5558

More people watching.  (Notice the cornucopia of beverages before them.)IMG_5559

The program.IMG_5560 IMG_5561 IMG_5562

Our special stamps.  (I have no memory of getting the backstage one.)IMG_5564

My sticker and a peek into my bag.  IMG_5567

The guy in the tie-dyed shirt was the man who put my bracelet on me.  Noticing he had no name tag I inquired as to its whereabouts.  He is the head of security at the Crystal Ballroom.  Thus, he has much experience checking up on the overly drunk woman you can’t see in this photo. Eventually the ambulance came and took her away.  I marveled that there are people in this world who don’t mind dealing with drunk people as their job. Thanks Ken!IMG_5569

Happy Tripsters.  Part of the fun of being drunk with this crowd is that we were on the younger side of the population.  There were no frat boys present.  It felt like a good place to be drunk.IMG_5571

When the party ended we needed something to soak up all that alcohol.  Burt and Laurie hadn’t redeemed their SE Portland page prize of free fries or tots.  So we drove to the Barley Mill Pub and ordered more food.  On the way to the bathroom I found this piece of artwork and chuckled.IMG_5573

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my Cosmic Tripster Party and I wasn’t entirely sure I would have fun.  But it was a great time.  Thanks McMenamins!

PKO Graduates!

You might recall reading about PKO here. Or my photo-filled walk to her Senior Dessert.  But today she graduates!

Small school graduations.  So very different from big school graduations.IMG_5455

Here are the members of the Class of ’16.  They each got to pick the color of their graduation gown. (Which was very hard for me; the uniformity of graduation gowns and mortarboards is the only reason to wear them.  This just looks messy.)IMG_5457

PKO listening to her teacher’s speech about her.  It was a great speech, filled with all sorts of fun PKO facts.IMG_5466

The degrees have been conferred and the tassels have been switched.  She has two tassels because she was the recipient of an achievement award.IMG_5482

After the teachers made speeches about the students and the students said their thank yous, the staff sang a song to the students.  In keeping with the theme of the teachers’ speeches, the song’s main sentiment was, “Yep, you’re done.  Time to leave now.  Door’s that way.”  This theme was initially off-putting, and then quickly became tremendously fun.  It was like a gentle student roast by teachers who knew the students very, very well.IMG_5486

PKO and the moms, TO & LKIMG_5499

PKO and more of the fam.IMG_5496

PKO with her friends.IMG_5516

Congratulations PKO!

The Grand McMenamins Passport Tour

We had a lot of places to visit so we started early.  Our first stop:


We arrived just as the restaurant was opening.  That purple ball had the cephalopod on it we needed to find to get our shirts.IMG_5354

On to Eugene.  Laurie and Matt pose outside our first location.IMG_5355

Visiting our second Eugene location (which was my favorite in this town)IMG_5357

Stopping at North Bank for two more stamps and our prize.IMG_5358

Our prize was a basket of fries or tots.  We also ordered lunch, which turned out to be a mistake.IMG_5359

You know you’re in Eugene when the McMenamins has bike parking.IMG_5366

Onto Corvallis.  Our first location had this amazing sink sculpture:IMG_5372

The second location had an English Pub feel.  Here we collected our prize of one free appetizer each.


Next came Salem and this amazing historic house-turned-restaurant.IMG_5390

Our last stop in Salem.  Time to claim our prize:  sandwich or wrap of our choice.IMG_5392

Wisely, we took them to go.  While we were waiting, we sang happy birthday to Phoenix, an eight year old who covered his ears while everyone on the patio serenaded him.IMG_5393

Two pages in one day!IMG_5394

Firefly Butt-Numb-a-thon

What if we watched all of the Firefly episodes plus Serenity in one day?  As the person posing the question was the person who put together watching all three extended versions of Lord of the Rings in one day, this marathon came to pass.

And since the other half of this plan was one of the people who planned Laurie’s 40th birthday party in Italy, this was an event.

I did not start at the beginning of the party, due to volunteer commitments.  Instead, I arrived at 12:15 during the half-hour lunch break to this amazing spread.IMG_5205

Notice the level of detail!IMG_5203 IMG_5204

The Hot Cheese was good, especially paired with Frito’s

Fancy sandwiches, labeled in both English and Chinese.  And this lunch spread was just the beginning.  There was a food prop/bonus to go with each episode. For example, “Jaynestown” came with Mudder’s Milk which was an amazing bourbon and milk concoction whipped up by Darla.IMG_5207

Can you name this Firefly episode?IMG_5208

I had planned on only staying for a few episodes, not wanting to sit for so long.  But I started with Episode 6, “Our Mrs. Reynolds” which was followed by “Jaynestown” and then “Out of Gas” and after that trifecta, who could leave?  I ended up staying until the end, clocking in 11 hours of a magical show that never should have been cancelled.

Thanks to Laurie and Darla for such a fun time.

Hollywood Theater Oscar Party

This year, Kelly and I spent our time with the Oscars at the Hollywood Theater.  Our $25.00 admission got us reserved seats, two drink coupons, and a voting ballot.  Doors opened at 3:30 and so we watched all the pre-shows before the ceremony began at 5:30.


People were encouraged to come in costume, and there was a fashion show during one of the commercial breaks.  (They nicely turned the sound down during the commercials.)  Here is the initial round of contestants.


Here are the five finalists.  My vote was for the woman in the red dress, who really knew how to work her model walk.  I was also a fan of the Tidy Cat lady.IMG_5056

But here was the–admittedly stunning–winner, inspired by Cate Blanchett’s performance in Carol.IMG_5057

Aside from beer and wine, there were also specialty cocktails inspired by some of the nominees.  This is the Denizan, inspired by The Big Short.  It was delicious.IMG_5059

I usually enjoy the Oscars Ceremony.  It can be a little draggy and long, but so can football and other sporting games.  I thought Chris Rock was a great host. It was also fun to watch with a crowd.  A collective shriek of delight rose up when Mark Rylance won, beating out the presumed winner Sylvester Stallone.  And there was quite a big gasp when Spotlight was announced as the winner as probably most people had pickedThe Reverent.  But yay!  Spotlight won!IMG_5060

I thought I did a pretty good job with my picks, missing only nine.  (I forgot to read up on the short films, and missed all of those.)  No one in the theater got all correct, and the person who ended up winning the big prize missed five.

IMG_5061 IMG_5062

Overall, it was a fun night and a good way to see the Oscars.

Our McMenamins Passport day in Washington

Laurie made the plan.  The plan was to get all of our Washington stamps for our McMenamins Passport.  We were game, so Laurie and Burt picked us up early on Saturday morning.


These two pages will be done by the end of the day.  Plus one more.


Whilst on the road we found a McMenamins friend.  The back of the truck advertises the Passport.


There’s this part of I-5 where the vista opens up and all of Seattle is before you. And if you miss that shot, you end up with something like this one.


We drove on past Seattle to our first stop, the Mill Creek Pub.  As you can see, Matt and Laurie are letting us know which stop it is.  The customer in the window and the waitress waved so they could be in the picture, but by the time I took the picture, they had gone back to ordering.


Our first stamps of the day.  We were apparently the fourth group to come through today. And it was just after 11.


Remember our truck friend?  We found him again at Anderson School!


The newest property was our second location.


Because the hotel opened after we bought our passports, we had to have a grid stamped and then we made our way around the property collecting our stamps.  Along the way we saw:

Fun groupings of light fixturesIMG_4977

This might be the answer to the photo scavenger hunt (Don’t worry, the question changes weekly.  By the time the post goes up, this won’t be the answer.)IMG_4978

A Tiki-themed restaurant.IMG_4980

The very pretty pool, which we couldn’t have swum in if we tried.IMG_4981

Stamps collected, we got our swag. I got the bag, Matt got the lunchbox.IMG_4982

Our third location.  Seattle’s Six Arms.IMG_4983

Commentary about the state of the Seattle Times.IMG_4984

Queen Anne Pub meant we completed our page and we stopped to collect our prize:  a free burger!IMG_4985

What’s that mysterious object peeking through the trees?IMG_4987

The usual McMenamins table detritus.IMG_4986

Our fifth location of the day was the Spar Cafe in Olympia.IMG_4988

I really liked the interior of this location.  That’s a copper-topped bar!IMG_4989

Here we are at our final location:  the Olympic Club.  Which is not in Olympia, but Centralia.  Regular readers of The Orange Door might remember our trip to this property in 2012. IMG_4990

And here’s our swag:  a t-shirt. I got the official shirt (in blue).  Burt, Matt and Laurie opted for different shirts. I think it’s fun we all ended up with different ones.


Here is our completed Anderson School passport page.IMG_4993

Here are our completed pages 24 and 25.IMG_4992Eagle eyes will note that page 24 isn’t really done, because I don’t have the stamp for McMenamins on the Columbia.  But fear not, we popped in right before we crossed the river, so Matt and I could officially complete our pages.

We’re just over halfway through.  Watch for the next big day of McMenamins driving with Laurie and Burt, where we achieve Roseburg, Corvallis, Eugene and Salem all in one day!