The Boss and the Outsiders, together at last

For unknown reasons, this large poster of Springsteen’s Tunnel of Love Express Tour has a speech bubble added to it. “Stay golden, Pony Boy” it says. Why? We shall never know.

Also in the photo? A TriMet rider. And me! This is what happens when I’m double fisting photos. I took one for my phone for texting purposes, and then didn’t bother to frame the camera one properly.

How common is your birthday?

I used one of my free articles from the New York Times to access this information.  It was totally worth it!  Do you want to know how common your birthday is? I’ll give the answers to some birthdays of people I know:

October 26: 184
September 26: 27
February 10: 171
June 26: 112
October 22: 164
June 2: 121
October 13: 180
August 6: 46
July 22: 18

Curtis Tigard was only one year younger than my grandfather who died in 1990

While the obits of people my grandmother’s age–born in 1912–have become few and far between, it has been years since I’ve seen a local obituary of someone born before 1910. And here is the grandson of the City of Tigard’s founder, Curtis Tigard, born in 1909.

Well done, Mr. Tigard. Also, I believe my friend Kelly supplied the cake for his 105th birthday party, through her job at New Seasons.

Our first time at Breitenbush Hot Springs Resort

Matt turned 40 and we decided to celebrate with a trip to Breitenbush Hot Springs. It was a good decision.

Our cabin was very roomy for two people.

At Breitenbush, you are provided with a bottom sheet, but bring your own blankets and pillows.

All of the heat is provided by geothermal energy.

I loved the beadboard siding and the many hooks to hang things on.

Our cabin exterior.

They had indoor showers, but this is a picture of the “new” outdoor showers and they are great. Breitenbush provides the biodegradable soap.

Interior of the outdoor showers. There’s something about showering outside that is so fun.

The bathhouse, one of men and one for women.  There was also a restroom building near our cabin.

Breitenbush is a year-round operation, and I loved this snow shoveling schedule posted.

It must be some operation to clear all the roads when it starts to snow.

There are multiple fire stations on the property. This is one of them.

In the warmer months you can rent a tent.

There are a lot of good hangout spaces. This one is near the Sanctuary, where a lot of the classes are held.

They ring a gong to call people to the thrice-daily vegetarian meals that are mostly organic.

A view of the lodge.

Some steam escaping from a too-hot stream near the lodge.

The sign keeping us all away from the very hot spring.

Originally Breitenbush was a regular hot springs resort, rather than a hippy granola hot springs resort. My mother visited it when she was a child.  I was excited to find a remnant of that time: the traditional-style swimming pool.

More steam coming from more hot water.

One of the meadow pools. These were my favorite pools.  There are three of them and their temperature gets progressively hotter.

The view from the pool.

I love all the hooks affixed to the sheltered bench near the pool.
The view from the silent pool.

I’m always interested in how operations work, so I was happy to find this schedule tucked away on the back of a bench/structure thing.

Some really great details have gone into Breitenbush, such as the wood that creates this bench.

There are outdoor showers that help you cool off from your soak.

The sauna, which more like a steam room, not a dry sauna. While the hot pools at Breitenbush somehow manage to escape the stinky sulfur smell I associate with hot springs, the sauna is the most sulfurous smelling.

One must duck to get into the sauna.

The resort generates it’s own power from the Breitenbush River. They have also built a fish ladder.

A view from the bridge over the Breitenbush River.

And a view of the river itself.

The kitchen always had music coming from it.  It’s probably a big job to provide three vegetarian meals per day for the resort guests.

Where we got our massages.

One of the vehicles.

The forest shelter building.

Us in front of the lodge. Notice how people hang their towels along the deck in front of the lodge. That was one of my favorite details.

Once you park your car in the parking lot, you use these carts to bring your things down to your cabin. Then you never see your car for the rest of your stay.

This was a great place to celebrate a big birthday.  It’s such a relaxing place.  When I wasn’t sleeping, I was lounging, or soaking, or eating a good meal.

A brief Cottey reunion

Teresa and I attended Cottey College together. In our “senior”* year she was head receptionist of Robertson Hall and I was a resident assistant there. We were good friends–good enough that I flew out to Lincoln, Nebraska for her wedding, even though I was unemployed at the time.

(*Cottey was a two-year college where all freshman were called “freshman” and all sophomores were called “seniors.”)

I hadn’t seen Teresa since 2001, but she and her family were visiting the Seattle area and so I took a day trip on the train to visit her.

We met up at the Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park in Renton. Teresa’s mother was visiting her sister, who lives in Renton and there was a family reunion of sorts. I enjoyed this park, situated right on Lake Washington.

After the park, we visited several thrift stores and Targets, so Teresa’s son Ethan could look for Hot Wheels. I also came home with a robe for our upcoming trip and a new skirt. In one parking lot, we also spotted a Lamborghini. Here Ethan takes a picture.

Standing next to the car that needed to take up four parking spots.

It was great catching up with Teresa, Brian and meeting Ethan for the first time.

I cold have used another few days, but we did what we could.

The best item at the Rosetown Ramblers Garage Sale

Who doesn’t want thirteen plates depicting Lady Diana in various outfits, all displayed on a wooden rack with a placard that says “Queen of our Hearts” and also includes the original boxes along with the certificates of authenticity from the Bradford Exchange?

I know!!!Especially when one plate–the wedding dress–is missing.

I was very excited to point out this item to every person over the age of 30 who came to our square dance club’s fundraising garage sale. I was also happy to be there when someone bought this amazing treasure. It was a woman who has a fundraising tea twice yearly and she thought the plates would be a great addition.

A Royal Wedding

Rising too early has been a thing this spring. Waking up at 3 or 3:30 happens on most days of the week. Extreme morning lark, that’s me. No need to wait until old age to start that phenomenon.  Massive bummer.  However, it did come in handy in the case of the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Up at 3:30 to see the last of the guests arrive and in plenty of time for the 4 am start?  No problem!

Plus, I painted my toenails, which was a good use of my time.

It was a very nice wedding (I watched the coverage on PBS) though around about the time the sermon started I had the realization that I’d gotten up at 3:30 in the morning to attend church.

Highlights from the Avenue of the Roses Parade

Friends Mark & Amanda live at the end of the Avenue of Roses Parade route and host a party. I love a good parade, especially a good small parade, so I went. Here are some highlights.

While 82nd Avenue does have problems with prostitution and I certainly support this group’s efforts, I kept imagining the questions posed along the parade route, “Mommy, why don’t real men buy sex?”

Who doesn’t love a good scary dragon?

I was intrigued by these characters, and unfortunately, missed capturing the group’s name.

Gotta love returned Peace Corps volunteers.

I also loved this cool holder for the saint carried by this Catholic church. It allowed for smooth carrying and left room for waving.

These puffy air-filled dinosaurs were delightful. I’d never seen puffy characters before.

Some cool parade goers make some noise and wave the flag.

It became apparent that the classic cars were turning right off of 82nd, and we were to the left, so we missed them, but we did get to see a lot of the parade. Thanks to Mark & Amanda for hosting.