A citizen responds

As part of a US Department of Justice settlement, my company is conducting a survey of the Portland Police and their community relations.

We sent a postcard giving residents the option of filling out the survey online.  That was followed up by a paper copy of the survey, complete with postage-paid return envelope.

This respondent wasn’t having any part of our postage-paid return envelope.  They supplied their own.  The return address moniker amused me.

When you’re a former Beatle…

Apparently all your tour trucks match.IMG_5196

Paul McCartney is in town for a show tonight.IMG_5197

I loved also discovering this mini-bike attached to the back of the truck below.   Plus, it reminded me of the time in high school that a bunch of us loaded into Cindy’s family Jeep Wagoneer (aka the Jalapeno Wagon) and drove up and down the Interstate talking to truckers on the CB radio.  Lori was really good at it, taking the handle Cotton Candy.  We convinced a trucker to stop for a late dinner at the Flying J truck stop with six lovely ladies who all wanted to meet him.  He laughed so hard when he saw a table full of giggling under-aged girls waiting for him.  Then he sat down and we had a very nice chat about his truck driving life.  He liked driving trucks better than the desk job he had before.


SEI classroom signs

I’ve been volunteering with Minds Matter, and we meet at S.E.I. in what appears to be a math and science classroom. The signs on the wall amuse me, so I thought I would share them with you.

I just noticed this one today.  I’m not sure how long it’s been up.


This fraction poster puts me at ease.  Look how nicely all the fractions fit together.IMG_5067

The kind of sign that always annoyed me as a student, yet I never could look away.  Notice how the letters are all color coded, so you can match them up.IMG_5068

I really like these hand-written statements about S.E.I.IMG_5069