Goodbye to Ankeny Street Studios

I’ve been square dancing with the Rosetown Ramblers at the Ankeny Street Studio since June.  There is much to love about this studio, beginning with the fact that it is located in this nondescript building.

There are a variety of instructors who use the space, including ballroom dance instructors and folk dancers.

The  room we use is the Grand Ballroom and it’s huge.  It has mirrors and a beautiful floor.  Also a disco ball.

Along the side are tables and chairs.  The decorations on the tables change with the seasons.  One of my favorite details is the carpet-covered bumpers along the wall, which keep chairs from hitting the wall.Sadly, this space will be eliminated.  The original owner of the building was a woman who was invested in the ballroom dance community.  The building has been sold and the new owners are not interested in supporting the dance community.  The Rosetown Ramblers will be dancing in Milwaukie in the future.  And Portland will lose this unique space.

Interesting things to note about two buildings

This is the Pendleton Woolen Mills Corporate Headquarters.  I was interested in the sign over the office door.  “No Alcohol Beyond this Point”  Is there drinking only in this office?

Look at this little house, which has managed to survive all sorts of transformations around it.  It’s currently the Julia West House.

I hadn’t seen this house for years

This house is on Montana between Lombard and Rosa Parks, also known as the walk to tap dance class.  When I moved to Kenton in 2007, the lot was a little overgrown, but in the 10 years following, blackberry bushes took over and the house disappeared behind the brambles.

The blackberries have been cleared away, giving me my first view of the house in years.

It’s pretty beat up and on a big lot that is very close to the train, the Interstate and two grocery stores.  This house isn’t long for this world.  (Going to that website gave me no information about this particular house.)

Saying goodbye to vintage apartments

I missed taking a picture of these units before the deconstruction began.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell if what I’m looking at is renovation or deconstruction and I miss my window.

This was a five or six-unit complex on Interstate between Rosa Parks and Lombard. It wasn’t in the greatest of condition, but probably could have been rehabbed.

Instead, we’re going for deconstruction.  Which is too bad.  Look at this great fireplace detail!


The siding used to be yellow

I am interested to see what replaces it.  I guarantee that whatever appears will not be in the financial realm of the tenants who used to live here.

The rest of the buildings on the block that will go away.

I realized that though I had featured the buildings on one side of the block, I hadn’t taken a proper picture of the other part of the block that will go away.

On the right we have the EUROCAR building.  It’s a nice looking one with some good windows.  It’s been empty for a very long time.On the left is the Jimmy Mak’s building with the sign saying “Jazz” still illuminated.  The marquee says, “Thanks for 20 years. We love you Jimmy.  Fuck Cancer”