Postcards from Silver Falls State Park and the Whitney Museum of American Art

Aunts Pat & Carol were unable to find a postcard while visiting Pendleton recently, so they sent me this wooden postcard from Silver Falls State Park.
I was interested in this wooden postcard because it is a normal postcard attached to a birch wood board.   I feel like most wooden postcards I’ve seen have the image burned on the wood itself.

This lead me to the postcard’s website, ( where I learned that you can choose a variety of images, and they will drop your site’s name onto the photography, then produce the postcard and sell them to you. Very interesting.

Sara sent this from the Whitney Museum of Art. (I’m still living off the postcard largess of that October visit to NYC.)  She reports that she did not see this particular work by Alex Israel, but she loved the odd shape.
I loved it too.

Postcard from Vienna

This is from my cousin Ron, who always travels anyway, but also gets some sort of travel stipend in his retirement.  He reports it was difficult to find a postcard of Vienna that wasn’t a depiction of 50 years ago.  (I have noticed this problem of late also, and I am not at all happy.)

Cousin Ron reports that the city is large, but they have quickly gotten used to walking, using the subway and taking buses.  Also, apparently the food is not expensive, so they have been indulging in a lot of pastry.

This came in an envelope, so I thought I would include the stamp.