SKS Postcard: Fight or Buy Bonds

Aside from fighting and purchasing things, it looks as if artistically losing your shirt is also an option.

This is from an exhibit at the Walker Art Museum that Sara attended with her father. She reports that she has finished adjuncting her class and will grade when she and Shawn return from the Shawn Tour–a vacation of Shawn’s growing-up places.

SKS Postcard: The SPAM Museum

Sara got this postcard at the one and only SPAM Museum, located in Austin, Minnesota, also known as SPAM TOWN USA. Sara has actually visited this marvelous place.

She says she tried several types of SPAM and they were all nasty.

This card also include the delightful message, “Nothing says FRIEND like a can of SPAM in the mail.”

Too true, Sara. Too true.

SKS postcard: Minnesota lingo and Minnesota letters

Two days later, all postcards are reunited. Here are postcards #2 and #3 of the trio. Where were postcards #2 and #3 while #1 was speeding toward me? One never knows.
Sara reports that she’s had a bit busier summer than usual, hence her lack of social media participation of late. However, she is halfway through the course she’s adjuncting.This is my other favorite style of postcard. The letters of the name filled with highlights of the place. Of the things pictured on this postcard, I’ve seen two: the state capitol building and Spoonbridge and Cherry.

What a nice postcard trio.

SKS postcard: Minneapolis highlights.

Here’s one of my favorite postcard styles: highlights of the city. Interestingly, many Postcrossers don’t like this style, a fact that indicates the relative picky nature of people who exchange postcards internationally.

This postcard is part of a trio, so Sara writes on the back, but its mates weren’t to be found in my mailbox today.

Sara also reports that she picked up new postcard stamps featuring seashells. She wishes for the birds to come back.  This is a big wish for Sara, as she doesn’t like birds. I’m right there with her wish as the seashells are not that great. Unfortunately, with postcard stamps, there’s not a choice.

SKS postcard: Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda

A place where we have both visited together!  Also, apparently Shawn picked this card. I’m not sure if he picked it out at the store, or picked it as the one for Sara to write to me, but either way, good pick.

Sara reports that summer is hard this year due to lack of people.  So she is taking herself to a coffee shop to do some work.  Tangential people are better than nothing.

SKS postcard: diorama part III

Sara wrote this on 5/13/18 which she pointed out is 5+13=18. She often does fun things with dates, which is left over from her time as a classroom teacher.

This is the last of the creepy diorama postcards from New York City and I find this one to be less creepy, possibly due to the character’s face turned away, and the red hue. I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to be learning from this diorama though. Photo developing in a pre-digital era?  I’m already familiar with that, having taken photography in ninth grade, but perhaps people younger than me wouldn’t be.

Postcards rotated

I think the last time I rotated the postcards was 2015. I remember doing it on the weekend before I started my job at Sabin, having just quit the Emerson School. Let’s look back at the blog and see if I’m right.  Indeed!  It has been more that 2.5 years!

So here is the new setup. Once I was done I realized I put them up in the wrong order, so the oldest are on the second row, right side, and then they work their way to the newest, which are the top row, left side.

Matt’s only question was “Where did the PCC come from?”  As chronicled here, they were from Sara, and they look great on the wall, just as she imagined.