MANY Postcards from Iowa

My mailbox was full today. My friend Heather is a Girl Scout leader and she had many girl scouts (and some parents) make postcards for my birthday. 30 arrived today. Aside from being unique on the front, there’s a nice long letter on the back. Eventually, I will get to read all of it.

And here’s one more!

This was a fun day to go to the mailbox.

SKS Postcards Studio 300 Round I

Postcards arrived today! They are labeled 2/5, 3/5, 4/5 which is good news in that I can read the middle of the message all at once. Much better than if 1/5, 3/5 and 5/5 arrived.

On this postcard (2/5) Sara realizes that she has missed my birthday entirely. She is very sorry. Her explanation makes sense to me, and I’m okay with her missing the day. She’s kind of busy.

On this postcard, good birthday wishes continue and she’s distracted enough to not comment on the bird on the front, which would have normally been a point of discussion.

And on this card—which I’m just now realized I photographed upside down, sorry Nanci Yermakoff—she continues to narrate her upset about the lack of birthday remembrance.  No worries, Sara, I knew birthday wishes would be coming soon.

I look forward to seeing what future mail deliveries bring and thanks for the birthday wishes!

SKS Postcard: Birds are creepy

SKS does not like birds, or flying things in general. One of my top-five moments of uncontrollable laughter happened decades ago when she was telling me a story of defeating a moth, armed only with a canister vacuum cleaner and some cat food.

So this postcard was right up her ally. 

As you can see.

She’s also stepped up her game in the addressing of the mailed items lately. I wonder if the postal delivery people notice.

Postscript: we seem to be in an era of very dark photos. I wonder if my camera settings somehow got changed?

SKS Postcard: Kristin Pavelka

Today’s postcard is labeled 3 of 4. It’s been three days with a single postcard delivered, when I know they were all posted at the same time. Is my mail person playing a trick on me?

On this postcard Sara talks of something, but most of the information is on postcard #2 which I have not received. But she says I should check out #CITroublemakers to see more.

And I have! From that hashtag, I can see that Sara hosted a panel with Carla Shalaby about her book Troublemakers: Lessons in Freedom from Young Children at School.  Thanks, Twitter.

SKS Postcard: Eleanor McGough

While yesterday Megan Bell’s postcard arrived, today Eleanor McGough’s did. This postcard is labeled 1 of 4 and establishes that the postcards came from a recent open house/first weekend at a local gallery work station. 

Ms. McGough’s postcard establishes that she has a website, but is still hanging on to that email.  Let it go, Ms. McGough. Let it go.

Postcards from Dublin, Ireland and Vancouver, Washington

Friend Kelly went to Ireland for her 50th birthday and sent me this great postcard from the Long Room in the library at Trinity College. She reports that the room was very Harry Potter-esque and she liked it much better than the book of Kells, though all the historical busts were guys.

When you give $25 to a candidate in a different state in hopes your meager donation will help unseat the current representative who is not one of your favorites, you get this postcard. Plus a constant slew of emails in your inbox. Political campaigns have really got this communication thing down. 

Also, the note on the back is handwritten, but I’m pretty sure it’s a printed handwritten thank you, which is another great efficiency. My name and address was written by someone my mother’s age,  judging by the cursive handwriting.