SKS Postcards: Spring Break

These are my favorite style of postcards, especially when the downtown doesn’t look like it has quite enough visual attractions to fill up all six letters.
Sara reports that the temperature got up into the 50s during their walking tour.

This postcard came from Rochester Minnesota, where Sara and her husband stopped on their way to Galena.

She reports that there was a picture of corn also painted on the water tower in Rochester.

SKS Postcard: Lars Lerin’s Birch Forest

Sara reports that she is enjoying the weekend before spring break and also that she doesn’t know where she picked up this postcard (which is very large for a postcard)  I’m thinking she got it in Norway, because the actual name of the picture is Björkskog/Birch Forest

Fun fact: I just learned how to make that “Latin small letter O with diaeresis”  You type &#246 and it changes automatically.  Magic!  Thanks, random website I found while googling.

SKS Postcards: Natural History Museum and Book Postcard

These first two postcards came from the Natural History Museum. Though they are part of diorama-ramas, which I love, these particular figures creep me out.

Especially this one. Sara reports that she’s been busily checking things off her list, with her big deadline days being 2/28 and 3/1.

This is a book promo postcard that she has not read. (I haven’t, either.)  She also talks of weather and the inevitable Minnesota snow.
Thanks, Sara, for the postcard update!

Postcard from Ohio

This arrived from Cousin Ron and I was initially confused.

This is a postcard that came with instructions. The person was supposed to create an Emerge poem (The term “Emerge” is trademarked) by marking out words or phrases so other expressions can “emerge” from the author’s original work. The instructions continue: “Share your work through social media and tag your poem with #TSAkron and #KentState. If you’d like, mail your poem to a friend or loved one by using a first class stamp.”
This kind of “art” annoys me. I wouldn’t follow those directions, and neither did Cousin Ron. A search of #TSAkron shows that no one else has followed the directions, either.

At any rate, it was nice to hear from Ron and hear that he has a new job in Akron!

Postcard from Minneapolis

My camera was confused by all the colors on this postcard and took a rather dark picture, which I then brightened in post.*  Sara reports that the day after she wrote this, she plans on having a working day. So far her semester has been filled with campus/school site things. But she’s got a long to-do list and she’s going to tackle it.

I’m sure that she did!

*”We’ll fix it in post!” I like to make that excuse about stuff. Sometimes things get fixed in post production, sometimes not.

Postcards from California and New York City

Another day when the postcards maybe hung out together and had a beer before arriving in my mailbox.
Jan sent me this very fun postcard from the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, California.  She says it’s such a cool museum she is thinking of volunteering there.  I’ve looked at the website and it does look quite cool.  Nice find, Jan.  The postcard is cool too. Very retro.

Kelly recently visited New York City and reports that the Met was awesome and that visiting the Cloisters was totally worth the trip.  As I recommended the Cloisters, I was quite glad to hear that.  I was also glad to get this sunny David Hockney postcard on a cold January day.  Thanks, Kelly!

Postcard from NYC via Minneapolis

Another odd-sized postcard from the Whitney Museum.  Are modern art museums the place to go to find odd-shaped cards?  Test my hypothesis. Visit modern art museums and send me postcards from there.

The translation is “a giant tomato”

Sara writes that she’s doing the tricky process of revising a piece and also dealing with computer updates that took long enough that I got a postcard out of it.  Thanks computer updates!  And Sara!