Top Movies December 2016

(14 total movies watched)

Midnight Special
Sci-fi without all the answers

La La Land
I was happy to go on the ride

Manchester by the Sea

The Edge of Seventeen
Hits the nail on the head

Certain Women
More Lily Gladstone, please!

Crazy Stupid Love
All good (minus the fumbled ending)

Hell or High Water
A different kind of bank robber story

After the Wedding
Danish Drama

The Messenger
The fallout of war

The Finest Hours

Top Movies November 2016

8 movies watched

Things we Lost in the Fire
So incredibly human.

Me Before You
When the movie surprises, it’s that much closer to being a winner.

Monsoon Wedding
So much pain, so much happiness

Hysterical Blindness
Two actresses doing something different, plus Gina Rowlands.

Moments of magic.

Multiple small examples of why we should be able to love who we love.