Date: Portland City Walk. But in Vancouver.

For our date, Matt and I did one of the walks in the delightful book Portland City Walks by Laura O. Foster.  We did the walk that is not a Portland walk at all, but a Vancouver walk.  It was a beautiful–if cold and windy–day.

On the way there.  Traffic.

Crossing into Washington.

This building at Historic Fort Vancouver was decorated for the holidays.  It is available for rent for weddings and parties.

Gorgeous house, Fort Vancouver.

That’s Marshall of the Marshall Plan. He spent time at Fort Vancouver.

View of the I-5 bridge.

Matt, standing in downtown Vancouver’s Sculpture Garden.  I had no idea downtown Vancouver had a sculpture garden.

Pretty church, all dressed up for the holiday.

I liked the brickwork patterns used to block off the former windows.

A mural of old time-y downtown Vancouver.

Palm tree!  Sparkly stucco house!  Red trim!  Very exciting!
After this picture, it became dark very rapidly.  It was a good walk.

Walking from the #4 to lunch

I had a lunch date and took the #4, then walked through the Mississippi neighborhood to get to my destination.  Here are two things I saw.

There was a period in American home ownership, when reusing pipes as boarders/fences/rails was a thing.  Here is a nice example.  My grandfather also reused pipes for handrails.

I love the sliding nature of this fence. It’s not tipping over.  Rather, the slats were the slightest bit off, and then kept getting worse and worse.  There’s a story behind the creation of this fence.

Silver Falls Hike

One of the things I love about the digital photo area is that you can take photos of the map to refer to later in the hike.

We chose to do the big hike, seeing the maximum number of waterfalls.

Matt poses before a graphic warning sign.

Here we are at Upper North Falls. 65 feet.

A “twin” falls.

The view from behind the falls.

Lots of rain means lots of white water.

Matt consults the map.

That mass of white behind us is a waterfall.  It was powerful stuff.

Another view of the water.  We’ve done this hike in the summer and it’s fun, but it was a totally different experience in the winter.

Drake Falls says hello.  All 27 feet of it.

A double layer of falls.  Also: look at all that moss!

Matt looks at the sign for Lower North Falls.

This is a pretty one.

There was a very large amount of stairs near the end.

This was the first hike with my trekking poles and I was pleased with how well they worked for me.

Post-Election Walk

Everyone was pretty raw at work.  I did some stuff, and then left early to take a long walk to the Hollywood Library, where I was volunteering with Teen Book Council.

Look at this blast-from-the-past mural/advertisement for radio station 94.7!  Usually it’s covered by an official billboard.

I’ve take a picture of this building before, but on a happier day.  It seems today the building is sad.  Sorry building.  I feel sad too.

The footprint of Farm restaurant, which I always wanted to eat at, and never did.  I guess I won’t ever get to now.

Tracking apartment rental prices.  For reference, when I got my first studio apartment in Portland in 2002, I paid $500/month to live downtown.  If Matt and I rented this apartment, we would pay $850 each.  Yikes!  

Here’s the house where the unit is.

I loved the green of this house.

And look!  It’s a very specific green.

Very nice vintage four-plex.

I love the neon sign with the brick.

Bit of grey cloud hovering.

The day after the election, not much was happening at the Multnomah Democrats headquarters. The building was dark.  (The cars are from the business next door.)

I had a sundae at Baskin Robbins and a very nice Teen Book Council meeting.  Then there was square dancing.  It was a raw, but good day.

Hike at Tom McCall preserve

Here we are at the parking lot at Rowena Crest, with the Columbia River in the background.  I love this picture because it looks like I’ve got a white stripe in my hair, which has always been a dream of mine.  (I don’t actually have a white stripe in my hair.)

Informational sign about the Missoula Floods, a topic which always inspires feelings of panicked boredom.  Even while typing the letters I need to remind myself to breathe deeply.  Geology.  Not for me.

See that peak up there?  That’s where we are headed.  We’ve done this hike before, in 2013.  (Thanks blog, for keeping a record of this stuff.  Comparing the two posts is also fun.)

Pretty landscape.

That white car on the right is our car.

Mountains peeking through.  We’re at the apex of our hike.

Acorn survivors.

This time, we added the second half of the hike, which took us closer to the river.

These birds were HUGE!  I took a picture, wondering if they were ravens.  Googling in the interim has told me that there’s not really an official line between crows and ravens.  People have also told me ravens are bigger than crows.

Columbia River.

Self portrait.

Nicely tiered landscape.