Time to Put on the Winter Quilt

During the warm months, the winter quilt is folded and stored between the matress and the box spring. But once the temperature dives, I’m ready for the chilly weather.

While this quilt was the quilt I learned that I don’t like to quilt, it’s warm and heavy and will probably serve me for many more years to come. It’s already about 15 years old.

Stranger Things After Hours

I volunteered for the After Hours event at the Hollywood Library this year. This year’s theme: Stranger Things

There were a lot of themed activities (which I didn’t get because I haven’t watched the series, but which Matt assures me were on point) and the usual After Hours things.

This included pizza delivered and exclaiming over costumes.

Plus button making, and this waffle station.

And everyone’s favorite: the running and screaming tag game that happens after the library closes.

As usual, it was a fun night at the Hollywood Library.