Three sentence movie reviews: Fast & Furious

Abandoning articles in the title altogether and using the more compact ampersand instead of the wordy word “and,” this movie sees the triumphant return of Vin Diesel, who calmly drives his car under a burning, rolling gas tanker in the first scene, and THAT is what I’ve been missing during the last two movies. The FBI apparently had trouble meeting their recruiting quota of blue-eyed blondes as Paul Walker–who has previously proved himself to be an unreliable agent–is now back working for the man. Maya’s back, Lettie’s back, everyone is back, including, in case you missed the bulletin up above, Vin Diesel, which is all you need to know about this movie.

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3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Fast & Furious”

  1. Its nice they finally got everybody back. Has Paul Walker done anything else in his career? Good to know Vin is back and making it worthwhile!

  2. IMDB reports that he steadily is in movies, but they are the kind of "Eight Below." Not the worst career I can imagine.

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