Three sentence movie reviews: Captain America: Civil War


I’ve been having mixed feelings of late about the whole superhero movie thing and so I wasn’t chomping at the bit to see this picture show. ¬†However, the questions within the movie kept me engaged and the pace was masterful–I didn’t even notice it’s 2.5 hour run time. Plus, Tom Holland has me excited about Spider-Man again, something I never thought would happen.

Cost: $5.10
Where watched: Regal City Center Stadium 12 with Matt (who had already watched it on Friday)

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3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Captain America: Civil War”

  1. I am feeling similarly ambivalent about them as well. So much so that I’m a no for this one. If Agent Carter had her own movie, I would be in!

    1. I see that you and Matt should have joined together for a joint mourning of the passing of the Agent Carter show.

  2. Yeah, I thought I’d reached my superhero movie limit, but I really liked Civil War. It’s funny how much I disliked the original Captain America movies, but have greatly enjoyed both sequels and the show Agent Carter (boo to its cancellation). I think it’s largely because the Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter love story felt really forced to me in the first movie, and they thankfully mostly stayed away from romance in the other two movies (and in the first season of Agent Carter; I haven’t seen the second season).

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