Top 10 photos of 2015

Each year in December I go through the photos taken and pick out 10 to display on my wall for the next year. ┬áHere are this year’s choices:

The bassist for Jilt and some mood lightingIMG_2550

Patton Oswalt at the Newmark TheaterIMG_2694

Fans of Gail Forman at her reading.IMG_2724

A shadow of a stop signIMG_2823

Daisies breaking free of chain link fence.IMG_3213

Bird and Mt. Hood.IMG_3483

Sara, an appropriate shirt for the setting, and the couple we were spying on.IMG_3724

Macbeth at the Lone Fir CemeteryIMG_4273

My toes at the beachIMG_4513

Various McLains working together to get the perfect shot.IMG_4640

2 thoughts on “Top 10 photos of 2015”

    1. That Sara one looks great on the blog and doesn’t come through if you are more than a foot away. That was interesting to realize. I should come back at the end of the year and comment on which one is still my favorite, after a year of staring at it.

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