Two Quilts Found in Consignment Store

This was a lovely find. The quilting was simple, but the colors were pretty and didn’t scream any particular decade to me.

The artist signed their work, though only with the initials MCB and the year. Good work, MCB. I hope this quilt brought someone many years of happiness before it found its way to a consignment store.

And then there was this quilt which was so amazing I hope it finds the perfect new home. Here’s the first side, awash with colors and puffy animals (and maybe a sperm or two?) I love how bright and gaudy this is.

Here are two closeups of the puffy animals/sperm. Notice all the great layering that went into each block.

If the quilt were just the bright colors and puffy animals with a plain back, that would have been amazing. But no! THIS is the back!

Tons of layering and detail in 5 panels.

And then this intricate thing happening with ribbon in four other panels.

Unfortunately, there was no artist credit or date.

This isn’t the kind of quilt you can snuggle up with. I wonder if this reflects a culture I’m not familiar with? I have so many questions.

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