June 5: Spirit Week. Crazy Hair Day

Spirit week this week. Today was crazy hair day. I improvised some crazy hair to show my spirit!

It looks somewhat normal from the front

But from the back???? Office supply mayhem.

The best part of crazy hair day was that tonight was Kindergarten Round Up. All of next year’s parents got to see me with crazy hair. Not all of them knew it was crazy hair day. My boss and I were discussing this after the event and I remarked that no one had said anything to me.

“Well some of the asked me!” she said, laughing.

2 thoughts on “June 5: Spirit Week. Crazy Hair Day”

  1. OH you know how much I LOVE SPIRIT DAY!!! That is one of the great things about being a teacher or working in a school…you still get all of the fun of being creative and dressing up for such fun events.

    This look is great!!!! Better than the mullet, but with similar focus of business up front and party or, in your case, office mayhem, in the back! YOU ROCK!!! -Sara (Who loved to cross dress for spirit days at Borah (remember Willie Nelson and Walt Disney???!!!))

  2. Okay…I should say spirit week…how can all of that fun be contained in one day…what was I thinking? -Sara

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