Last Days for Sentinel’s Lump (aka the “ewww, gross! post)

Sentinel has had a growing lump on the side of his neck since last fall. I had it biopsied a few months ago when it wasn’t nearly this size and it came back as not cancerous, so I left it, hoping it would stay small.

But it got a lot bigger. It also, much to the vet’s interest, was a two parter, with one dark black part and another lighter part.

I’ve got one more paycheck coming from my soon-to-be-over job and a big chunk of it is going toward taking this sucker off of the cat. I think it will be money well spent.

I had to get a special dispensation because of the quarantine. The vet’s office was only doing essential surgeries.

Update from the future. The lump was removed, biopsied to find again it was not cancerous, and has not (seven months later) made a reappearance. It was money well spent.

New Spot for Cats

Ikea advertised this cat cave insert for their standard bookcase and soon after I learned about it, I bought one.

This brings the hideyholes the cats have to three: this, plus a tent I bought from Ikea years ago, plus a plush sided tent that Matt’s mom gave me because her cat wasn’t interested.

Reporting from the future I can say that Sentinel uses the plush sided tent multiple times per day, they both go into the Ikea tent when they need to blow off steam, and they almost never use this hideaway.

Cats in windowsill

Sentinel and Antares have lived together for nearly a decade now, and I’m still not sure if they like each other.  They don’t hate each other, as their skirmishes are few and far between. And they will often curl together to sleep for some period of time before one of the gets bored and wanders off, or gets annoyed and pushy. 

This picture came about because Sentinel was sleeping in the windowsill and Antares got in his face. Is this a picture of Sentinel holding his ground in the face of Antares pushiness? Or are they happy to be sharing the same space?

Sentinel investigates flour

I dropped the large glass jar that holds my all purpose flour and it shattered.  Sentinel showed interest, hopping forward to eagerly sniff things, but when I redirected him outside the kitchen he sat and watched me clean up the mess.

It was only after I set the garbage can outside of the kitchen area so I could clean around it that he investigated.

It turns out Sentinel is a fan of flour, though I shooed him away from the garbage can due to all the glass.