Celebrating Matt’s Birthday at Emperor Georgiou’s Tea Room

Somewhat recently, Emperor Georgiou’s Tea Room, set up (tea) shop in Kenton. Matt decided to celebrate his birthday there so we could experience the tea.

Some pretty cups.

One of our platters of food. While no service job is easy, being a wait staff at a tea shop does have its advantages: a very limited menu; a set timeframe; the inability for people to become inebriated by consuming the product.

I grabbed a picture of Matt and his mom, Linda. I neglected to catch the rest of the table.

Shopping for the 30-Year Reunion

My 30 year–high school reunion is in July, so it’s time to find something to wear. There are two events, so I need two dresses. (Two new dresses are not actually required, but I included them in the budget for this weekend. Because who doesn’t want new dresses? And new new dresses, not new-to-me dresses.)

After flaming out at Nordstrom’s—I didn’t seem to catch their legendary customer service—I visited Amelia Boutique* to see if they had potential candidates.

*Reporting from the future, I see that Amelia Boutique has closed. I’m quite sad to hear that.

Boy, did they! Amelia brought me a ton of options, even ones I wouldn’t have necessarily chosen myself. I found a really great dress (it’s the blue one on the left).

Amelia also helped me problem solve as there was a fun dress, but not in my size. She pointed that all purchases come with free alterations, and with the dress I was looking at, I could buy a larger size and then take it in so it fit.

I did just that. It worked perfectly. What a great day of shopping this was!

February 22, 2023 SNOW

Surprise snow too, which is my favorite kind. I find the various permutations of “Will it snow” exhausting. (Though there are many fewer permutations now that I mostly work from home.)

I enjoyed how the snow coated the catio.

And you can see that there was a lot of it!

Matt and I made ice cream snow to celebrate. Matt says he’s not had ice cream snow before. I’m not sure if that’s true. But we both enjoyed it.