February 22, 2023 SNOW

Surprise snow too, which is my favorite kind. I find the various permutations of “Will it snow” exhausting. (Though there are many fewer permutations now that I mostly work from home.)

I enjoyed how the snow coated the catio.

And you can see that there was a lot of it!

Matt and I made ice cream snow to celebrate. Matt says he’s not had ice cream snow before. I’m not sure if that’s true. But we both enjoyed it.

Rosetown Ramblers 40th Anniversary Ruby Dance

Rick Hawes brought his vest with all of his various paraphernalia. I came after the vest era of the Ramblers (sadly), so I loved seeing this. Aside from being a pillar of the Ramblers, Rick has been very active in the IAGSDC (The International Association of Gay Square Dancing Clubs, of course)

He’s currently serving as a caller for our lessons, but has served in possibly every role there is to serve in for the Ramblers.

He also has been recording callers at dances for decades, which means sometimes we get to dance to callers from the eighties and nineties when the gay square dancers were fleet of foot and the calls came fast and furious.

Rick is a treasure.

Ms. Holmes and Ms. Watson Apt. 2B at PCS

Matt and I had a good time at Portland Center Stage’s play about a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. Once the play started, those sheets were pulled down by the players and the games began.

Ashley Song and Kimberly Chatterjee were good as Holmes and Watson. I also really enjoyed Dana Green who played three very different roles. Darius Pierce also played several different roles.