Greg and Renee’s Other Wedding

As has been the case during the pandemic, the wedding we attended was not the actual marriage ceremony. Greg and Renee got married on 12/02/2021, a date which is not only a palindrome but also an ambigram because it reads the same way upside down. (Assuming you choose the right font.)

Here was the script from the ceremony, full of nerdy fun things.

And the wedding party.

Greg and Renee’s Wedding

The night before Greg and Renee’s wedding, Matt was asked to fill in for a reader at the wedding. They had taken sick. Matt was thrilled to read this excerpt.

I really think Renee’s and Greg’s wedding hit it out of the park with the clear expectations. When RSVPing the online form made sure that every guest knew they would (1) be required to show proof of vaccination and (2) wear a mask at the ceremony. If you didn’t say yes to those things, your only choice was to go back and change your RSVP to decline.

That said, not everyone wore their mask at all times, but most people did. And they did check our vaccination status at the door.

The table decorations were very fun. I liked the origami hearts. The wedding also came with a program that had cards for a get-to-know-people card game and a crossword puzzle.

A shot of the ceremony itself. The light was tricky in this room, so I have a lot of blurry photos.

The bridal party.

Our delightful tablemates watching the ceremony.

The person who I assume is the wedding planner. (See! Blurry!)

During the reception, there was a magician! I adore magicians.

That was my card!

The reception had an element I’d not seen before at a wedding. The bride and groom sit back to back holding one of their own shoes and one of their spouse’s shoes.

Then, questions are asked of the couple and they have to raise the shoe of the person they think was the answer. The questions were along the lines of, Who asked whom on the first date? This was a very fun activity. Greg and Renee agreed.

Obligatory self portrait, with Matt looking a little squinty.

This was a very fun wedding. There was even dancing! It’s been a long time since Matt and I shared the dance floor.

Cracking Myself Up While Making Examples for Work

At work, we’ve recently changed our reference style and citations, which used to be styled like this: (Author, Year), are now styled like this: (Author Year).

I was writing a post about how to quickly find and update any existing citations, and made an example text using text from (I think) Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations, and I started out with usual report authors (MFA, FLO, DEQ, EPA) but then I got bored.

My favorite was the final Avenger. I see I missed my boat on the first Avenger listed. I could have swapped in someone more fun than DEQ, like Hawkeye.

20th (and 9 Month) Anniversary Dinner at Republica

Our 20th anniversary was really on May 1, but I tried to make reservations the week of and that wasn’t happening. So we celebrated several weeks later with a very fancy dinner at Republica that was worth the wait.

Our welcome and delicious menu.

This was our third course. As you can see, Republica is the kind of fancy restaurant where the portions are small. (This is a thing I like about fancy restaurants.) But don’t worry, by the time we got to the sixth course, we were well fed. We would eat half of the food on our plate and then switch. I learned that Matt really doesn’t like squid.

This was our fourth course and it was both beautiful and delicious.

It was a good choice for a big (and smaller) anniversary.