My First Car, Spotted in the Wild

What did I find parked on a street near me during an early morning walk? Why it was a Mustang II.

My first car was a white 1974 Mustang II. I’ve spent the rest of my life explaining that no, it wasn’t a Mustang, it was a Mustang II. Not as cool, but a fun first car nonetheless. We could fit five teenagers in that car. It had an AM radio. That’s where I discovered “the memory station” playing hits from the 40s and early 50s.

Some Googling tells me that the average going rate for a Mustang II is about $20,000.

It’s Not a Pipe, Either

Most houses on Interstate Avenue are set back from the sidewalk, but there are two houses that bump up directly on the sidewalk. They are north of the gas station at Rosa Parks. One of them has been an arty-type place (gallery?) for some time. So someone made a funny.

Cambridge Dictionary defines autocollant as: an adhesive label or sign bearing a design, political message etc., for sticking on a car’s window etc.

This references of course, certain image of treachery.

I Spy in this Little Free Library

It’s a LFL with an attic! And what caught my eye?

It’s one of the tools of my trade!

It’s the Chicago Manual of Style, one of the two major stylebooks copy editors consult. What a good find.

It is, however, the previous edition, so it will be slightly different than today’s version. But for a person who is CMOS curious, they will avoid the rather large cost of the book.

The Bayard Box in Kenton

My walk today included a discovery of this fun public art project: the Bayard Box.

From the website, I see that this is the ninth edition.

Despite the usual setup where you need to put money in to open the box, this one is set to open whether or not you put in money.

It includes a QR code so you can read more about the box.

Walks are that much more fun when there are finds like this.