City Strides

Someone at work mentioned the City Strides website, and I investigated and found it was just the kind of thing I would love, so I signed up. Once you register with the website and hook up your movement tracker, it maps the streets you’ve run or walked. It also tells you the percentage of the city that you have run. As you can see, I have a lot of running and walking in the streets that are about a half mile from my home. It drops off steeply after that though. I think I’m maybe at 2% for all of Portland’s streets.

That thick line that goes all the way to Ainsworth is the Neighborhood 5K route that I did monthly in 2021. I also walked it a lot on weeknights after work during winter 2022. Now that I have City Strides I can branch out and try and collect more of these streets.

Fully Loaded in the Costco Parking Lot

Among the many things I hate about going to Costco is parking. I usually park very close to the end of the parking lot. And that gives me a nice long walk and a close-up look at interesting things in the lot such as this RV that was primed for adventure.

At least one of those bikes is an ebike, and it looks like there are at least five (and maybe as many as seven?) types of boards that go in the water. That’s a lot of cash, just riding on the back of the vehicle.