Profane Graffito That Made Me Laugh

Too bad to much time has passed since I took this picture and I can’t find a geotag for it. I have no idea where this was.

Teslas remind me of the man who runs their company. I haven’t gotten around to writing my screed about Elon Musk and I don’t think he deserves enough of my time to really screed it up, so here’s a short version. Basically, he occupies the same part of my brain that Donald Trump does. I think he bloviates, he’s a terrible person who doesn’t stick to his own standards, thinks much too highly of himself, and has no actual effect on my life other than annoying me.

I also hate how both men have hoards of people who think they are amazing and will not hear otherwise. Both dudes are in the way way back of the Amazing line. I’d actually put them in the Lesser Mediocre Realm.

There once was a time when I thought about Donald Trump about once per year. I’d like to go back to that frequency of thought. There was once a point (and not really that long ago) when I asked Matt, “Is there someone named Elon Musk?” because I wasn’t entirely sure.

Anyway, this chalk on wall summed up my mood.

First In-Office Day. Cheesy Bread Was Necessary

Reinforcing how much I like working from home, my first day back in the office wasn’t great. It rained on me both ways, so I was soaking wet. My coworker gave me an earful about how people ask too many questions when I was looking for conformation that I had the right desk, the mouse I brought didn’t work, my computer randomly shutdown midday and took about 15 minutes of work with it, and plus the general awkwardness of a first day, compounded by the fact that I have been working for the company for more than a year.

I stopped by Little Caesar’s on the way home.

A nice thing about my company is that they don’t require me to work in the office. I will try out a once weekly visit for six months and reevaluate.

Prescriptions. Shop Around

The pills on the right are the exact same pills as the ones on the left. But the pills on the right cost me more than $300, while the pills on the left cost me $60.

The pharmaceutical industry is causing real harm to the hard working people living in the United States. Healthcare (even for cats) is not affordable. And it could be. It very easily could be.