Monkey Puzzle Tree Has Fallen

Once upon a time (say, last week) the house at 1516 N. Winchell Street had two monkey puzzle trees framing its entrance. Now there is just one. And a big mess.

This was such a big tree, I’m actually surprised I didn’t hear it fall.

Aside from blocking the road, it also did some major damage to this car.

While some monkey puzzle trees in Portland are from the Lewis & Clark Exposition, this house was built in 1927, long after the exposition closed. But I bet the trees were planted around the time the house was built.

Shifting Amounts of Time

I’ve featured this little house on this blog before. It’s tiny and I’ve observed many projects that the homeowners have completed over the years.

Of late, the raised beds haven’t been used to their full capacity, as was the case in the years after they were first installed.

I’m guessing that stroller is the reason. I suspect a child has come into this household. And we know how that shifts the amount of time available for projects.

Not Going into Work Tomorrow

There are some parts of the country where snow on April 11 isn’t weird. But Portland is not one of those places!

And unlike every other Portland snowstorm where forecasted snow is the talk of the town for a week straight, I had no idea this was coming. The morning of, I somehow missed noticing the snow when I opened my bedroom shade, and even as the radio announcer was saying “Snow in Portland right now,” I though he just meant the West Hills.

So you can imagine my surprise when I opened the curtains and, Wow! Snow! In April!

That bush in the picture leaned right over. I think it was the weight of the snow on the leafed-out limbs plus the fact that the ground wasn’t frozen. Once the snow melted, we hammered in a post and pulled it right back into place, so no harm done there.

Needless to say, I put off my plan to go back to the office until the next Tuesday.

On the Chopping Block: 1524 N. Watts Street

This is an 807 square foot house built in 1923. The assessor detail tells me that it was sold in 1997 for $63,000. (Oh, to have bought property in North Portland in the 90s!) It sold to a builder in November 2021 for $445,000.

I like small houses that are set back from the property. There is ample room for a beautiful garden out front. I also like that little gable on the house. I’m not sure if it came about due to a remodel, but it’s very nice.

Zoning means the builder could build two skinny houses on this lot. It might be that, or a one big house.

Godspeed, little house on a big lot. I hope you have a lot of happy memories.