February 22, 2023 SNOW

Surprise snow too, which is my favorite kind. I find the various permutations of “Will it snow” exhausting. (Though there are many fewer permutations now that I mostly work from home.)

I enjoyed how the snow coated the catio.

And you can see that there was a lot of it!

Matt and I made ice cream snow to celebrate. Matt says he’s not had ice cream snow before. I’m not sure if that’s true. But we both enjoyed it.

Reopened in Time for the New Year

The Astro near our house has been closed for quite a long time. They needed to replace their big tanks. They also put in a new digital sign.

Matt was away, and I took the picture to show him it was finally open. But I am posting the picture to capture that I walked by when they were removing one of the gasoline tanks and it was huge. It was taller than me, easily and probably the length of two cars.

I had no idea such big infrastructure existed.

Monkey Puzzle Tree Has Fallen

Once upon a time (say, last week) the house at 1516 N. Winchell Street had two monkey puzzle trees framing its entrance. Now there is just one. And a big mess.

This was such a big tree, I’m actually surprised I didn’t hear it fall.

Aside from blocking the road, it also did some major damage to this car.

While some monkey puzzle trees in Portland are from the Lewis & Clark Exposition, this house was built in 1927, long after the exposition closed. But I bet the trees were planted around the time the house was built.