Chihuly Bridge of Glass

After breakfast we finally told Laurie and Burt that we had lured them to Tacoma so they could be our witnesses. They were excited.

Laurie, looking for outdoor things to avoid COVID, had found the Chihuly Bridge of Glass, which was a not-far walk from our hotel. We set out to explore.

Matt and Burt and a traveler.

Looking up is imperative at the glass bridge.

Here is just a bit of what you will see.

There are also these massive sculptures.

A view of the museum.

Then you can explore this wall of glass.

I had everyone pick a favorite and pose.


Mine (it had orange):



I also liked this one, with the sea creatures.

Oregon City Ghost Tour

Matt bought a ghost tour of Oregon City at a charity auction and our friends Burt and Laurie met us for the tour.

Oregon City was dressed up for Halloween. Even the municipal elevator got into the action.

We skipped the elevator and walked up the stairs. I enjoy stairs, as I rarely encounter them. North Portland is very flat.

Aside from taking us by some houses that were haunted, our tour guide took us off the beaten path of the tour to see a very festive house. I could not capture the scale due to lack of light, but it was quite impressive as the next three pictures attempt to get at.

The moon was also stunning and eluded capture by my camera.

It was a fun outing in a year with few fun outings.

Wedding of Kelle and Jim

We attended a sweet, small ceremony for Kelle and Jim in a place not far from our house. (Bonus!) We also got to help decorate.

I enjoy finding my current-day counterpart. I don’t think I would have been this styling, but I for sure would have tucked myself away with a good book. (I never caught what book he was reading.)

After the ceremony, we got to hear the happy couple make some music together.