Postcard from Alcatraz

This is from Zoe. She opens with the news that she’s never toured Alcatraz but this was that best postcard on offer.

Zoe tells me that it’s been in the 70s every day. This is in contrast to the Portland weather which has been Very Hot. She also reports that her new neighborhood has an amazing local grocery store, “but also the most deranged Whole Foods I’ve ever experienced. Overall hippie levels somewhere between Eugene and PDX.”

I laughed.

Postcard from Great Britain

Jennifer sent me this trio of pictures celebrating William Barnes, the Dorset Poet. The are: the church at Winterbourne Came,  “a small dispersed settlement and civil parish in the county of Dorset” (so says Wikipedia). Whitcombe church, scene of his early services. And Winterborne Came rectory, his home until his death in 1886.

Here’s more about William Barnes, including some of his poetry.

I enjoyed that this postcard was made in 1991. Getting a 31-year-old postcard in the mail is one of the reasons I enjoy Postcrossing. Also, Jennifer let me know that her daughter popped in for a surprise visit from Australia and that she hadn’t seen her for years. So that was fun.

As were the stamps!

SKS: Oregon Coast

Postcard 2 of 2! Sara reports that the waves were not this high when they were visiting. Also that the sun has been out every day—quite perfection, really.

Having experienced the foggy summer mornings in the Humboldt area, I understand exactly why she says that.

Apparently the last family reunion was in 2016. Sara reports that all of the kids have grown so much, and some of them didn’t exist yet. She’s enjoying hanging out with the family.