Postcards from Ariel

Bunheads episode 15. Ariel, like me, loved the dancing in this episode, but not much else. She reports that on Bunhead Bros she enjoyed learning about the origin of the quote “Everything is beautiful at the ballet.”

Bunheads Episode 16: Ariel reports that she wanted to like this episode more than she did. We both appreciated Ginny (because she’s the best bunhead). And we both loved Bunhead Bros because we love Jason Mantzoukas’s enthusiasm.

Postcards from the Netherlands and Ohio

Sara and I have noticed the tendency for postcards to hang out together in the mail and arrive all at once. This happened today with two Postcrossing postcards.

This is from Suzanne in the Netherlands. She retired in 2020 and volunteers in the charity bookshop Books4Life.

Suzanne included these amazing stamps.

Janet sends Valentine greetings from Ohio. She planned to spend the day with her three dogs and a good book. The book she was reading How to Sell a Haunted House by Grady Hendrix sounds quite good.

Janet also included the temperature (57°) which was much warmer than in Portland on that day (41°)

A very excellent Postcrossing haul.

SKS: Nikki McClure

For her birthday, I sent Sara this and two other postcards along with a gift certificate to Buy Olympia. She sent this postcard right back. We both enjoy Nikki McClure’s work and we are both big on voting.

Sara mentioned that she’s been on Buy Olympia’s mailing list for a time, but she didn’t realize the postcard she sent me that got me to Buy Olympia was from that same mailing list!

Postcard from Japan

Makiko sent me this absolutely adorable postcard and enough information about the postcard series that I could find the postcards on Etsy and order some.

It’s from a series called Tabineko (she says it means “traveling cat.”) It’s the cute little black cat that travels and as someone who lives with little black cats, I am a fan.

Note from the future: Now that I have two versions of the series, I see that there are two cats. The cute little black one that pulled focus and the orange-and-black spotted one.

The stamps and stickers were lovely too.