Postcard from NYC via CA

Zoe visited New York City over Christmas and, among other things, visited the Strand. Zoie points out on the postcard that it’s not called “the Strand,” a thing she discovered during her visit.

And I do see that it’s just “Strand” on the bag. But the back of the postcard itself says, “Altogether they created the Strand’s beloved idiosyncrasies” So the bookstore itself does use “the.” Maybe it’s “Strand Book Store” (no the) and “the Strand”?

Anyway, Zoe said the bookstore was pretty fun, but ranked it below Powell’s.

She also reports that she spent a lot of time in New York on transit, which was restorative. I agree that it’s nice to have some restorative public transit time.

SKS: Lots of Eureka Things

There’s a lot going on on this postcard! It’s a map from a mural to a store (or vice versa). It’s a picture of the mural at the end of the walking tour. It’s pictures of iconic Eureka buildings.

Sara reports that it’s a wonderful walk and that she saw the artist paint parts of the mural.

Sara also is excited about her upcoming visit to Portland made possible by flights to Coeur d’Alene being cheaper from Portland than from Arcata.

SKS: The Penthouse in Old Town Eureka

Shawn picked this card up for me! The Sterner-Schafer postcard game is great! Sara reports on this card that is dated 12/12 and postmarked 12/13 (where has it been hanging out for 10 days?) that arborists are doing some tree trimming.

I looked up the Penthouse. It’s an AirBnB and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and is $263 a night. It looks like it’s in the same general area as the place we stayed at when we stayed in Eureka.

PDX Desperation

This was a fun find in my mailbox. It is from my friend Laurie and came with a preprinted message.

Dear Friends—I had so much fun celebrating Central City Concern’s Grand Opening of the Starlight! These affordable homes are going to make a real difference in people’s lives. Portland is coming back! Come visit my town anytime—this is a special place!

I enjoyed both the promo of much needed deeply affordable and supportive housing, but also the whiff of desperation about Portland “coming back.”

Laurie noted that the canned message isn’t her message to me, but that she knows I love postcards and so since they were giving them out she sent me one.

A very fun day in my mailbox!