Postcard Changeover

Here’s the before picture. These postcards have been up for quite some time. But now I have time to put up the new postcards that have been waiting in the wings.

Here’s the new batch. These are pretty old. I actually have enough postcards to do a new round tomorrow. But I like how even though postcards are mostly pretty standard thing (a rectangle with a picture on one side) they still manage to be different sizes.

Will it be years or months before these cards are changed? Stay tuned.

SKS Postcard: Lion Puns

While this may have been in a postcard package meant for Sara’s students, there’s no way I wasn’t going to receive it. The reason? Our high school mascot was the lion.

And while the tiger is affirming that it isn’t a lion, Sara spent the back of the postcard affirming that Lions are king. Because that’s what the cheer taught us 20+ years ago.

Coronavirus solved via postcard

Look what arrived in my mailbox today!

Things I enjoy about this postcard:

  • That it’s not just the US Government’s response, but one person’s response
  • Lack of national response (listen to your state and local authorities)
  • Telling people to stay home from work, without giving guidance about how to pay expenses accrued when not working.
  • The expense to mail a postcard to every household in the country

Postcard from Anderson School

Laurie sent this postcard from McMenamins because she and Burt were staying at the Anderson School and were given a free postcard. As I’m the person in her life who does postcards, she thought of me.

Laurie writes, “Looking forward to sharing some adventures (McMenamins and otherwise) with you in the future.”

I’ve sent this postcard myself. I quite like it. Thanks, Laurie.