Christmas Prep

I feel pretty overwhelmed and unmotivated this Christmas season. My family is doing stockings only, and I’m glad my to-do list is minimal. I remembered this chocolate covered popcorn that a family at the Emerson School used to give the office staff each year. It was delicious and one year I asked the child who gave it to me how they made it. Here’s the recipe: Buy a bag or two of popcorn. (This is two bags. You can, of course, pop the popcorn, but see above re: unmotivated. Things I learned: though easy, bagged popcorn is very expensive in comparison to popping your own.) Melt chocolate chips. (This is one bag of milk chocolate chips and one bag of white chocolate chips.) Drizzle. Let set. Divide. Eat bits while you are divvying it up.

I also made these cherry pistachio cookies with dark chocolate. Mostly because I was trying to decide between a few cookies and Matt caught on to what I was doing and enthusiastically championed this cookie. So everyone who liked these can thank Matt.

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