Top Movies July 2018

19 movies watched. (Summer!)

I don’t think we knew how much we missed him.

The women have their heist

A reason not to live behind the Iron Curtain. 

Many different kinds of funny

She is incredible

Still good, long after the American Online keyword stopped working

It’s a classic for a reason

Swanburg, Johnson, and Chicago synergy

Still funny

Your 2018 Comedy Special assignment

Frenetic and odd

An unbelievable story

Top Movies February 2018

(17 movies watched. Thank you, vacation!)

Excellent Noir
Good dancing

Very well done.

A quite good, sad story

Funny and slightly painful

Friggin’ amazing!

A worthy adaptation

Enjoyable hoodlums

Delightfully dirty

Bring a tissue

All-Black cast, from back in the day.

Some good bits here. Especially if you ever dated a drummer.



Delightful adaptation