Whew! Barely Finished This Challenge!

As I had pledged to increase my yoga time in May, I signed up for the four-hour challenge, thinking it would be easily finished, probably in the first 10 days of the month. However, my pledge was mostly forgotten and I only remembered the challenge in the last 10 days of the month.

The four hours were broken into many sessions. It turns out that I lost all my yoga duration during the pandemic. But I finished all four hours and met the challenge!

My Watch Now Shows Me My Text Messages

I recently upgraded my Garmin activity tracker to a full-on Garmin 245. So now I have a watch that pushes my text messages to my phone. I don’t know how long I will want this feature. Other than that unknown, I’m really enjoying my watch.

Update from the future: Two months in, I’m still getting texts on my watch. I find it especially handy when websites text me a six-digit security code and my phone is in a different room.

(Nearly) a Year of Neighborhood 5Ks

Matt and I made a plan to do a neighborhood 5K on the fourth Saturday of every month in 2021. It didn’t end up like it started. The walk/run 5K gave way to a walking 5K probably around June. And Matt wasn’t always present. In July, my mom was in the hospital and it was right before the wedding, so I missed that one. But the 11 other months? I did that 5K.

In this case, I put on my hiking shoes, because we had some icy snow.

And that got me to my latest badge! I’m not doing this challenge again in 2022, because I’d like to branch out to other exercise, but this was a good motivator for 2021.

Lace for my Wedding Dress

This summer, I was rummaging around for something having to do with the wedding, when I found this stretch of lace. In college, I started tatting it with the idea that I would add it to my wedding dress (or even design and sew my wedding dress). At the time, I had no plans to marry, so you can see how enthusiastic I was to finish it. (Also, you can see that I wasn’t good at joining the segments.)

Having now married in a dress that I didn’t make and that didn’t work with this lace, I wrote a note about the genesis of the lace and put the lace and the note in a free box near me. Hopefully someone will do something fun with it.

Weighted Blanket at the Orange Door

Having long been a fan of a stack of heavy blankets on me (it’s why my heavy quilt goes on my bed when the weather gets cold) I’ve long thought that I would be the perfect match with a weighted blanket. Birthday money came my way and I decided to give the weighted blanket a try.

Alas, the weight wasn’t quite as I was hoping (I was hoping for the feeling I get when they put my apron on at the dentist before the x-ray) and so I found a new home for this weighted blanket.