Last Day in the Office

I stopped by the XRAY office to meet with the person who is taking over for me. While my tenure has been brief (a little more than two months) the current pandemic circumstances mean this is only my fourth time in the office. And one of those times I wasn’t working this job, I came down to do a different job because I had no internet at my house.

So I never got to use this calendar. But it does have some fun things. Color coding. The list of things we did at the 11:11 check-in, which became the 10:10 check-in. The P.O. Box and physical addresses. It even has a little placard saying the whiteboard’s name, a vestige of a past fundraising drive.

My favorite part is the month, though. It’s been a very long Global Pandemic.

Turkey-shaped butter = holiday joy

My mom bought a turkey butter sculpture for Thanksgiving and she made the mistake of letting it soften before trying to remove it from the package.

We ended up with a headless turkey at our table which seemed rather appropriate and had me bent over laughing.

Lesson learned: take those butter sculptures from their packages when they are still cold!

Breaking Cat News is a funny comic.

“Breaking Cat News” is one of our newer comics featured in the Oregonian. The guy in charge of picking the comics was initially excited because Georgia Dunn uses watercolors to make her comic.  My intial reaction was along the lines of “we shall see.”  But it’s quite funny, the cats reporting the cat news.  In the time since I’ve been reading it, the “man” and “woman” have added a baby to the household.   In this panel, the cats are reporting that the “baby” has become a “toddler”

Wait for it…

A comic and a confusing ad from the paper

There have been a lot of essays and musings this summer about the Mental Load women carry.  I think this comic nicely encompasses the scenario.  For me, the Mental Load is right up there on the list of reasons I will never have a wedding.  Also, it’s nice to have a term for something I feel acutely.

Also.  Justin Klump!  Did you send them the wrong photo?  It’s the most logical explanation for what’s going on here.  Why would your promo photo not show your whole face?