SKS: Boise Nighttime Views

Sara writes from Spirit Lake and observes that there is no date indicating when the pictures on the postcard were taken, but some of the views depicted are very different.

She says that her perch at Spirit Lake includes not just a nice view, but tea and a gentle breeze.

I will note that in the space below the warning DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE, the USPS has perfectly centered the barcode. Well done!

SKS: Ladybug Press Love from Idaho

Sara reports that this postcard came from a store at Boise Towne Square while she was shopping with her mom. (We had walked around the mall when I was there and pointed at the spots where certain stores used to be.)

She also reported that the Starbucks where she was writing the postcard was playing Bananarama and other oldies from the 80s.

Matt’s Birthday Celebration

As with many things, we dropped the ball on making reservations for Matt’s birthday celebration (the just-us dinner) and so the celebration happened almost a month after his birthday.

But Arden was worth the wait. We had the four-course prix fixe menu and I would swear that there were about seven courses in that four-course dinner.

The dinner ended with a Basque-style cheesecake and for Matt a little scoop of sorbet and a birthday candle to blow out.

Arden was a delightful place to eat.

SKS: Two More from NYC

These two postcards arrived while I was in Boise, sent by Sara, the same person I saw in Boise. Sara reports that she was feeling cheeky that day (ha ha), and that she and Shawn enjoyed a nice dinner at the Cafe Luxembourg (everyone was clothed) before going to the ballet.

Sara wrote this postcard on the way to Bermuda but it came back with her to be mailed in New York City. While at the Strand, she bought many picture books which she then hauled to Bermuda, back to NYC, to Boise, and then back home.

Purchases aside, she said that she hadn’t been in the Strand, and that it was magical.

Zoe sent me this same Strand postcard in January.

30-Year Reunion Day 2

Welcome to the post with a ton of different photo sizes.

This is not the reunion, this is the branch of the Boise Public Library! that is in the Hillcrest Shopping Center. I would have loved this to be my branch library while living in Boise, but it didn’t exist then. I love the floors as they remind me of the bathroom floors in my elementary school.

Before the second evening’s reunion, we had a get together at April’s house. In this tiny picture you can see Nicole, Dana, Angela, me, April, and Sara. Somehow we missed getting Cindy into the picture. It was very fun to sit outside in the heat and catch up. Also, April put out a lot of photos and memorabilia for us to look at. And Sara brought her yearbooks, which high-school her had turned into scrapbooks, which we all thought was very smart.

The second evening event was at the Sockeye Alehouse. It was supposed to be at a different location, but that location had some problems, and the Sockeye Alehouse could accommodate our group at the last minute. Because of the venue change, we were in a tiny space, and it was very hot, and I have no pictures. But there were people at this event who were not at the previous evening’s event, so I enjoyed catching up with them.

Afterward, Sara, Cindy and I went for ice cream. We may have actually gone to Leku Ona (referenced in the previous post) this night for late-night snacks, not Friday night. Regardless, I know that we got ice cream at The STIL.

Overall, a great reunion weekend.