Postcrossing SKS: Cheery and Punny

It’s the rare occurrence where a series of postcards arrive all on the same day!

Sara writes from her first official day of summer, which started on May 19. She did a lot of lovely things including not going into the office. I celebrate that decision.

These punny cards are fun not only for their front message, but also because on the back is cute picture in the area of the stamp, but it’s not covered by the stamp. Alas, I did not take a picture, so you will need to imagine a mouse on one card and a chicken on the other.

20th (and 9 Month) Anniversary Dinner at Republica

Our 20th anniversary was really on May 1, but I tried to make reservations the week of and that wasn’t happening. So we celebrated several weeks later with a very fancy dinner at Republica that was worth the wait.

Our welcome and delicious menu.

This was our third course. As you can see, Republica is the kind of fancy restaurant where the portions are small. (This is a thing I like about fancy restaurants.) But don’t worry, by the time we got to the sixth course, we were well fed. We would eat half of the food on our plate and then switch. I learned that Matt really doesn’t like squid.

This was our fourth course and it was both beautiful and delicious.

It was a good choice for a big (and smaller) anniversary.

Impulse Buy: Couscous From My Late Teens

I haven’t had this in years, but for whatever reason, it ended up in my grocery cart the last time I shopped.

I most associate this brand and flavor of couscous with the summer I was a lifeguard. It cooked up in five minutes! (If you don’t count the water measuring and boiling time.) It was delicious.

I remember being very disappointed to learn that this wasn’t REAL couscous, it was more like very small cut-up spaghetti. But I kept eating it just the same.

Eating it now, I enjoyed the speed, but the flavor wasn’t quite what I remembered. I think quinoa has taken the place of this brand of couscous.