WinCo Grocery Carts Now Plastic

The old steel rattle of the standard WinCo shopping cart has been replaced by a quieter plastic model.

There’s still a little bit of metal, but the vast majority of the cart is made of a nonrenewable material we haven’t yet figured out how to dispose of properly.

I’m betting they cost a fraction of what the previous carts did. It’s a win for WinCo’s finances and probably a loss for the environment.

Hello to New Couch!

The new couch has arrived! It’s a bit more burgundy than I remembered, but it’s also super comfortable and was better than free.

How was it better than free? My friend Julie had us out to her beach house in Pacific City. Her and her husband Graham gave us a tour of the gorgeous beach house they have been building for the past eight years, they fed us lunch, and we had a walk on the beach. We hauled the couch up the stairs (which was fun for me) and we put it on top of their car. Then Graham strapped the couch to their car’s roof and they drove it to our house where we carried it inside.

We got a great day at the beach and a new couch. Better than free!

I need to do some shuffling of things. That blue chair isn’t going to stay there permanently. But it works okay for now.

Goodbye to Ektorp Couch

Matt’s mom Linda bought us this couch in 2007 and it’s been showing its age for some years now. The cushions are shot and the covers don’t come off anymore so I can’t wash them, and I’m ready for a new couch. Happily, my friend has one to give me. Now just to get rid of the current couch.

I put it on NextDoor and eventually on the Buy Nothing group. Even at the cool price of free, I worried that it wasn’t going to move. But it did! A woman came by to grab it for her kids’ room and I helped her load it into her minivan.

While we wait for the weekend when we will help get the couch, I moved the chairs over so we had something to sit in while we watch TV.

Goodbye to Bear Lake Magnet

Back in 2010, we went to Colorado for Matt’s brother’s Thad’s wedding. With that trip came a visit to the beautiful (and wonderfully organized) Rocky Mountain National Park and a day of hiking that included Bear Lake. I bought this magnet to commemorate it. (There’s a picture of me from that trip being the bear at bear lake that I’ve always enjoyed.)

But the Bear Lake magnet does not want to stick to its front. I’ve tried the glue gun approach, and that worked for a time, but even the glue gun glue has given up its grip.

So it’s goodbye to this souvenir.

Arbor Lodge Jazz Concert

Matt, Laurie, and I headed over to Arbor Lodge Park for a neighborhood jazz concert featuring The Lorna Baxter Quintet.

The concert had been moved from a date earlier in the season due to excessive heat, and this was a perfect day.

The quintet kept us in good tunes.

The neighborhood association had streamers they handed out to the children atttending. It was very fun to watch them dance around.

Badass Cross Stitch Sampler No. 6

Tassels! So fun! I’d not done them before.

The stitches this time were:

  • Knotted ladder (purple)
  • Pistil (pink)
  • Cable chain (teal)
  • Love chain (yellow)
  • Tassels (blue) with needle weaving cap (pink)
  • Bullion (blue, small near the tassels)

This was one where I finished and was glad that most of these just get rolled up in a “Done!” tube.

I didn’t love the color choices I made. It’s one of Stich Palettes color combos. I like the individual colors, but I don’t like how it all hung together for this.

Of the stiches I only really loved the cable chain. The knotted ladder I ended up cutting out and redoing and I still didn’t love it. The pistil stitch will come in handy in the future though.

For the needle weaving with the tassels, I watched the video and then let three days go by before I attempted. I think the result speaks for itself.

Also, I don’t love how my lettering turned out.

It’s all an experiment though, so good lessons learned. And it seems I’m better a bullion stitch (the one stitch I’d done before) than Shannon is. So that’s fun.