So Begins the Fourth Generation of the Five-Year Diary

I can recall once in high school realizing a skirt I owned was four years old! As evidenced by the italics and the exclamation point this was an amazing realization.

I think of that moment with a chuckle as I put on clothing that is five or ten years old. And so things accumulate as life goes on.

My five-year journals have been like that. I started in 2005, morphing a daily journal into my own five-year journal. And I’ve kept going for fifteen years now.

I don’t write every day. But I do write regularly.

The first year is its own year. I can’t see what’s come before. But starting the second year, and continuing through year five, I can see what I’ve been up to. Often Matt will hear at journal writing time: Did you know that three years ago we started square dancing lessons?

It’s nice to look back in five year segments. These journals have now taken me through four jobs and two houses.

Pearl Bakery, RIP

The Pearl Bakery has closed.

My heart is sad. For nine years it provided me with sandwiches when I had no lunch, rolls with pats of butter when I had the hankering, and cookies when I needed a pick-me-up.

When I switched jobs and the Pearl Bakery was no longer in the same block, I still would wander down from time to time for a treat.

I loved their chocolate chip cookies, which had chunks of chocolate, bits of pecan (I usually don’t like nuts in my chocolate chip cookies) and orange flavor (I’m usually anti-fruit flavor in cookies) and were chewy and divine.

I have a current quest to make a chocolate shortbread as good as the Pearl Bakery’s. How can I complete this quest if I can’t continue to purchase a chocolate shortbread as a test case?

They had a black pepper and walnut bread that was amazing. I loved their multigrain rolls. Their roast beef and horseradish sandwich was delicious.

I will never eat any of those things again.

Their service was, well, not outstanding. I never felt like they wanted me to buy what they were selling. But what they were selling was so good, I didn’t mind.

One time, a parent gave a teacher a $200 gift certificate to the Pearl Bakery as a gift. (This was before we clamped down on that kind of giving.) I got a few free sandwiches when she treated me.

The Pearl Bakery was always a treat. I will miss them.

Best Photos 2019

Here’s this year’s retrospective.

Jim and Eileen waiting around before the Pride parade.

Sentinel reminding me that one of my duties is to feed him.

My seven a.m. trek to the Max. Only two other people had come before me.

Original hardware and glimpse of staircase at the AirBnB I stayed in when visiting Minneapolis. (Currently winning the award: City with the largest number of houses that leave me weak in the knees.)

Some chit-chat after SKS’s dissertation, with Barbie finding a nook to overlook the proceedings.

My favorite example of the mish-mash of change in Minneapolis. Foreground: 1950s-era basic building; middle ground, front: original house that makes me weak in the knees; middle ground back: newer office building; background: the prow of the new stadium.

The best picture I have of the hard work paying off, plus a reminder of how very good those cakes were.

My favorite People Taking Pictures photo of the year.

Sentinel enjoying the sun and fresh air on the back catio.

Our first visit to the Oregon Country Fair

My favorite representation of fair goers.

Baseball magic.

Redwoods magic.

My favorite performance this year: the Ukel Aliens at the Humboldt County Fair.

Best capture of how much fun making music together is.

4-H pig competition.

The best thing to come out of the endless building construction project of 2019.

My favorite Halloween costumes this year.

Plaque: Gunter Ernst Car

Today I rode on Car 205, better known as the Gunter Ernst Car. This was the first car of this type that was delivered.

The Gunter Ernst Car is one of the Type 2 Max train cars, which, according to MAX FAQs “have a raised upper deck by each of the cabs, and the sideways-facing seats in the middle of the train (called the C-section, though it has nothing to do with babies) are slightly higher, presumably to have room for the wheels, brakes, and sanding tubes underneath.”

The Type 2 is my favorite of the Max train cars. I like to sit in the raised upper deck.

New Spot for Cats

Ikea advertised this cat cave insert for their standard bookcase and soon after I learned about it, I bought one.

This brings the hideyholes the cats have to three: this, plus a tent I bought from Ikea years ago, plus a plush sided tent that Matt’s mom gave me because her cat wasn’t interested.

Reporting from the future I can say that Sentinel uses the plush sided tent multiple times per day, they both go into the Ikea tent when they need to blow off steam, and they almost never use this hideaway.