Little Dear Floral Bouquet Sampler Finished

Et voila! This was fun. New to me were the whipped wheel (needs some work) the feather stitch, the buttonhole wheel, button knots, and couching. I used the Little Dear summer colors again, though I needed to add extra colors. I chose orange, to no one’s surprise. Also some purple.

I pricked my finger (that needle is sharp!) and so there was a bit of blood on the embroidery. You can see it by the purple satin stitched flower and on the green stem below it.

So I added a bit of stitching to cover it up.

I really enjoyed the button knots. For something that looks a bit like vermin, they did pretty up into a flower-like substance.

And I enjoyed couching so much that I carried on into the whipped stem stitch without even noticing.

Another great embroidery from Little Dear!

The Thing I’ve Been Looking at on My Phone

Me on the morning after the election: Come on, Nevada! Let’s do it!

Me roughly seven times per day on all the days between the election and today: Come on, Nevada! And wait, what’s going on in Georgia?

Today I got up, fed the cats, listened to hear if the election had been called. It hadn’t, so I went back to sleep on the couch until Matt padded into the living room and told me that they had called it.

And I could finally, FINALLY, take the screen shot I had been hoping to take.

And Nevada still wasn’t done counting! Come on, Nevada!

Calming My Election Jitters

I broke down and bought one of those all-plastic (the main reason I was avoiding them) thread organizers. Then I treated myself to several palettes from my new favorite website Stitch Palette, where those of us who are not good at picking out colors that pop can find help.

I also included a cheat sheet in case I need to find the palette again. Plus there’s a list of colors at the bottom of each section.

I did all the thread winding and labeling while listening to election returns on NPR. But there was no news at bedtime, so I went to bed. Days later, I’m still waiting.

Hot tip for NPR. When you plan the coverage of the 2024 election, consider basing people on the West Coast, rather than the East Coast. I could do without, “It’s getting very late,” said at 8:10 p.m. While it was 11:10 p.m. in Washington D.C., on the other coast it’s nowhere close to late for anyone over the age of ten. And not everyone lives in the Eastern time zone.

Little Dear Embroidery Now Coasters

I sewed my Little Dear mandala embroidery pieces into coasters. I enjoy how they turned out, but next time when I’m feeling too lazy to get out the sewing machine (or even if I do) I will trace a circle before I start sewing the layers together. A freehand, hand-sewn circle is not a skillset I have, at this moment.

I also used my grandfather’s overalls as backing. My plan was to have the worn side show so the bits of paint would be visible. You can see that I was successful one out of two times at this task. It’s because you have to put the outsides on the inside and I tend to get confused at that point.

I’m excited I found a use for my hard work.

The Things We Keep

Can you guess the age of this container?

Did you guess 22 years? If so, you are correct. When I lived in Boston in the 90s, my friends Cindy and Sara came to see me from Idaho. It was a very fun trip. We did all the Boston things, gossiped, and had a ton of fun.

At one point, Sara went with me to Star Market (Stah Mahket) to pick up some more Lucky Charms (I had bought them special for their visit) and we spent long enough looking at the differences in food between Massachusetts and Idaho that when we returned Cindy wondered where we’d gone to.

One of the things not in that South Boston supermarket? Adams Peanut Butter. It was a hardship for me (the Smuckers natural brand just wasn’t as good) and Sara felt my pain. When she went home she sent me this five-pound jar from Costco.

It’s a good-sized container, and I’ve used it since that time.

And soon the container will be older than we were on that trip.

Oregon City Ghost Tour

Matt bought a ghost tour of Oregon City at a charity auction and our friends Burt and Laurie met us for the tour.

Oregon City was dressed up for Halloween. Even the municipal elevator got into the action.

We skipped the elevator and walked up the stairs. I enjoy stairs, as I rarely encounter them. North Portland is very flat.

Aside from taking us by some houses that were haunted, our tour guide took us off the beaten path of the tour to see a very festive house. I could not capture the scale due to lack of light, but it was quite impressive as the next three pictures attempt to get at.

The moon was also stunning and eluded capture by my camera.

It was a fun outing in a year with few fun outings.

Great Packaging from Little Dear

My first orders from Little Dear came in what we all probably think is standard packaging. A clear plastic bag with some paper stapled to the top. But Aimee Ray has been thinking about packaging and has upgraded to this situation.

Plain brown bag with stamp. Hole cut through the bag with a punch to let people see what’s inside.

Closed with a sticker.

Inside, all was neatly folded.

It was great to not have to throw out any plastic. I would like the retailers of the US (and those around the world) to follow her lead.

Neighborhood 5K: October 2021

I’ve been training for a 5K with Nerdfitness. My problem with 5k training programs is that none exist (or, if they exist, I have not found them) that stretch the 5k training over three or more months. So I did what I could. But the six weeks was not enough training time for me to run the entire way, so we did a run walk.

I plotted out the route and was just the tiniest bit short. (A 5K is 3.1 miles.)

It was good to start my day with this neighborhood 5K!