SKS: Oregon Coast

Postcard 2 of 2! Sara reports that the waves were not this high when they were visiting. Also that the sun has been out every day—quite perfection, really.

Having experienced the foggy summer mornings in the Humboldt area, I understand exactly why she says that.

Apparently the last family reunion was in 2016. Sara reports that all of the kids have grown so much, and some of them didn’t exist yet. She’s enjoying hanging out with the family.

SKS Postcard: Bran Castle

Sara sends this treasure from the once-home of Vlad the Impaler.

As I hung out with Hungarians, I knew that though Dracula is supposedly based on Vlad, Bram Stoker never visited. Hungarians can be very touchy about Dracula.

Sara sent this from Arcata because she couldn’t find any Romanian stamps. I also had trouble finding stamps in Romania.

SKS: Postcard from Paris

Sara’s postcard made its way to me quickly! The postmark says June 23 (actually it says 23-06-22 La Poste, but I know how to translate) and it arrived on June 29! Speedy delivery!

I was quite excited to get this composite card. Sara reports that they have visited three of five things depicted: Eiffel Tower (from the ground) Sacré-Cœur, and Notre-Dame, which is under construction after the fire.

She also said that they just finished a canal and Seine boat tour that took them through three locks. This reminded me of the book Just One Day.

SKS: Relax Already

Sara sent this postcard along with an Entertainment Weekly (R.I.P.) and a bunch of People Magazines. Very fun. She said that sending along the magazines was part of her trip prep.

She says that she’s not always sure where to send this card. Also that she has sent it, but hasn’t kept a list of who has already received it.

She sends me a fun challenge to find silly adventures near my home this summer. We shall see.