SKS: Nikki McClure

For her birthday, I sent Sara this and two other postcards along with a gift certificate to Buy Olympia. She sent this postcard right back. We both enjoy Nikki McClure’s work and we are both big on voting.

Sara mentioned that she’s been on Buy Olympia’s mailing list for a time, but she didn’t realize the postcard she sent me that got me to Buy Olympia was from that same mailing list!

SKS: Lots of Eureka Things

There’s a lot going on on this postcard! It’s a map from a mural to a store (or vice versa). It’s a picture of the mural at the end of the walking tour. It’s pictures of iconic Eureka buildings.

Sara reports that it’s a wonderful walk and that she saw the artist paint parts of the mural.

Sara also is excited about her upcoming visit to Portland made possible by flights to Coeur d’Alene being cheaper from Portland than from Arcata.

SKS: The Penthouse in Old Town Eureka

Shawn picked this card up for me! The Sterner-Schafer postcard game is great! Sara reports on this card that is dated 12/12 and postmarked 12/13 (where has it been hanging out for 10 days?) that arborists are doing some tree trimming.

I looked up the Penthouse. It’s an AirBnB and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and is $263 a night. It looks like it’s in the same general area as the place we stayed at when we stayed in Eureka.

SKS: Trish Grantham

Sara sent this cute postcard that she found while shopping for Christmas gifts in downtown Arcata. This year, she and Shawn are visiting Newport for the holiday.

Fun discovery. While looking up the artist, I discovered that the company distributing the postcard is based in Portland, and their location is not far from my house. They have a lot of cute stuff, so check out their website.

SKS: More Raygun Fun

I think the humor here is that listening to NPR still isn’t cool. But I started listening in 1993, so you can decide for yourself if I listened before it was cool. Or “cool.”

Sara reports that she is back in Arcadia and that this is racing with the postcards coming from Iowa. She said her mom was popping them in the mail on 11/28. We’ve established that Iowa won.

SKS Freebee Taco and Art Card

Sara sent two postcards that managed to arrive the same day. This first one gives me a free taco if I bring the postmarked card to Puesto. Judging from their locations, I will not be eating a free taco from Puesto.

This one Sara picked up at NCTE exhibit hall at the national conference. It is from A Perfect Wonderful Day with Friends and the image is from Philip Waechter.

Sara sent these from Iowa, where she was spending Thanksgiving. The postcards are postmarked 11/22 and arrived on 11/25. And that includes a Thanksgiving holiday!!!! There appear to be much better postal routes between the Midwest and Portland than between Northern California and Portland.