SKS: You Go Grill

I enjoy this for two reasons. I like puns, so this is very fun. And it reminds me of my college friend who said, “you go, girl” enough that her mother thought it would be a fun surprise to get a personalized license plate that said that.

Sara reports that she is thrilled to hear of my Seaside trip and that she is trying to add summer fun to her remaining summer weekends.

SKS: Ferndale

From the back of the postcard: Hillside cemeteries and historic churches combine with Victorian architecture in Ferndale.

As photos go, this is not the best I’ve seen. The cemetery looks mostly empty and the buildings are framed in a way that makes them look hodgepodge. I’m sure it all looks much better up close.

Sara said that they popped into a little shop that had local organic eggs. Apparently the Instagram of the egg producers is a delight. I was not able to locate this delightful Instagram, but perhaps Sara will chime in at a later date.

SKS Postcard: Two from Black Oak Coffee Roasters

This is postcard 1 of 3 of the coffee trilogy, which means I’m missing one. Happily, I have received 1 and 2 in the lineup, so can read two-thirds of the message.

Sara reports that they are home from Napa (see previous postcard) and stopped at this coffee roaster because finding good coffee or tea is a challenge in their area, but this is a good place.

Sara also reports she potentially has jury duty this week. We shall see if she gets called.