SKS: Smithsonian Museum Vintage Picture

Sara turned a calendar into postcards and so I got this lovely view of the Smithsonian. And now that I look closely at the picture, I can see the top of the month and year at the bottom of the postcard.

Aside from a fun stamp with flan on it, she also shared some of the less-motivating stickers that she’s not sending her students. My favorite one says “good effort.”

Also, any mention of “flan” reminds me of the birthday flan in the television series Friends.

SKS Postcard: White Eagle

Sara found this postcard and decided to send it to me. She had been using it as a bookmark and it was among her bookmarks.

She reports that the day she sent the card was both her mother’s birthday and a Friday.

The White Eagle is just down the road from my house, and it’s fun that a postcard from there came all the way from California. And probably did a stint in Minnesota, too!

SKS Dreams Plus a Postcard From Texas

My nitpicky nature has me immediately saying, “but what if you need a person to achieve your dream?????”

Sara says, “These were a few ‘I can’t send that to my students’ duds in this set of postcards I gave Jeff Bezos money for. You get to enjoy their just-off sentiment. I mean, do you feel encouraged by this? What does it even mean really?”

Clearly we are in agreement.

Rachel sent me this postcard so she could show me where she lives. It appears “Austin” has a lot of extra named towns that are part of it.

I think my favorite on this map is Pflugerville.

SKS Postcard: Lion Puns

While this may have been in a postcard package meant for Sara’s students, there’s no way I wasn’t going to receive it. The reason? Our high school mascot was the lion.

And while the tiger is affirming that it isn’t a lion, Sara spent the back of the postcard affirming that Lions are king. Because that’s what the cheer taught us 20+ years ago.