SKS Postcard: Wall Drug

SKS is on the move! At Wall Drug, she and Shawn bought iced cake donuts and a few postcards. She sent me this postcard because they enjoyed seeing the signs on the way.

I like its pinked edges. Very unusual in a postcard.

I’ve not been to Wall Drug. My parents and brother went after they dropped me off at college, but I missed out.

Someday, I’m going to do some exploring along the northern border. It can be part of my Laura Ingalls Wilder tour.

SKS Postcards from Minneapolis and the Women’s March

Hark! It’s a three-series of SKS postcards that all arrived on the same day. The. Same. Day. A miracle!

The back of this postcard is pre-printed with “I’m part of the #WomensMarch movement. I’m from… and I’m concerned about,”

Sara has written in ALL THE DAMN THINGS!

This caused me to chuckle.

The next postcard is from the restaurant I ate at when visiting in May for Sara’s dissertation. Sara reports that it’s a major moving prep day.

She also comments that Twilight-inspired academic texts really amuse her.

Me too, Sara.

SKS Postcard: Herbie’s

This one arrived a little worse for wear, but according to what Sara wrote on the back, it was already that way when she got it.

It’s from a restaurant in Minneapolis.

Sara writes that they ate at Herbies before seeing Pentatonx, and also that she can’t believe they are moving in three weeks.

Bonus SKS content. What her letters look like when they arrive in the mail. Plus, new stickers with the PhD!