SKS: Oz Quote

Let’s see if the internet will tell me who said this quote. My guess is Glinda the good witch.

Answer: the internet returned a result from the book (I was thinking movie, even though I’ve read the books) and identified the speaker as “the old woman” After skimming back several clicks—the site I was looking at only had about two paragraphs at at time per page—I see that she identifies as a good witch and the Witch of the North. No mention that her name is Glenda. I wonder if that’s a movie thing? How could I ever find the answer to THAT question????

(says the person who is 250+ days behind and has run through the research time alloted for this post clicking through the ad-heavy Wizard of Oz page)

Sara reports that she has submitted her file for early tenure! Also that on a Tuesday, the week has already felt like it was six months long.

SKS: Protest Postcard

Sara writes that she and Shawn visited the Humboldt County Fair for the first time since 2019, and had a good time, though it was a hard shift from the Minnesota State Fair. I can attest to that being true, as I’ve been to both the HCF and the MSF.

I note that the copyright on this postcard is from 2017. I wonder what the genesis of this card was…. 😉

SKS: The Road Less Traveled and Lemonade

I’m a fan of pants, but appreciate this message.

Sara comments that nude from the waist down seems odd to her, and I agree. But it made us both laugh.

This postcard comes from Whistle and Fizz in New York.

Sara reports that, back in Arcata, working with a friend made the work fun and that her first time with students is tomorrow.

SKS: Idaho and Bermuda Short History

This postcard has a bunch of fun things: map, landscape picture, state symbols, including the syringa. It even lists all the symbols on the back. The list includes the state dance, but I see no picture of square dancing on the front.

This would be a good postcard for Postcrossing.

Sara reports that she’s writing from the lake where the wind is gusting and that isn’t good for fire season.

This excellent history of the Bermuda short was bought in Bermuda and (I think) posted there on July 26. It’s got a US postmark, which I think was a weird thing Sara and I discussed.

Sara reports that she and Shawn poked around in shops, took a long walk, and rode the ferry to the Dock District. There was also rain.

SKS: Boise Nighttime Views

Sara writes from Spirit Lake and observes that there is no date indicating when the pictures on the postcard were taken, but some of the views depicted are very different.

She says that her perch at Spirit Lake includes not just a nice view, but tea and a gentle breeze.

I will note that in the space below the warning DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE, the USPS has perfectly centered the barcode. Well done!

SKS: Ladybug Press Love from Idaho

Sara reports that this postcard came from a store at Boise Towne Square while she was shopping with her mom. (We had walked around the mall when I was there and pointed at the spots where certain stores used to be.)

She also reported that the Starbucks where she was writing the postcard was playing Bananarama and other oldies from the 80s.