SKS Postcard: What’s the Buzz??!

Sara spruced up this postcard that I think was designed so someone could color it. But neither the sender nor the receiver enjoys coloring. Good job with the gold ink, SKS!

Sara asks about our snowstorm (thoroughly covered on this platform!) and tells me about Northern California winters which have a lot of rain and a sunny day to lighten the gray days. No snow for them, though.

The stamp on the card is one of the ones from the snowy day series. Very on brand!

SKS Postcard: Anna Oneglia, Like a Garden

Sara sends me greetings as I wrap up two jobs and start another.

Not pictured here because I just noticed it, is the place for the stamp. Sara has cleverly placed the official stamp to the left of the usual place for the stamp so I can see that artist included another woodcut that says “The days are long, but the years are short” Very fun! And a good way for me to show off fun stamp areas that I come across.

SKS Postcard: Spoils from a Small Business Saturday Shopping Trip

One thing about Humboldt County, they don’t lack for quality postcards. Sara reports that their small business Saturday shopping got them in a good spot for Christmas. She says they usually buy when they travel, but since there has been no travel, the money is staying local.