SKS: San Diego After the Fact

Another 2 of 2 series that arrived on the same day!

Sara opens by asking if I ever buy X number of postcards, not have time to send them, and then get home and wonder who I bought them for.

My answer. Nope. Because they can always be used for Postcrossing.

This is the postcard series where Sara tells me she is going to France and Romania in June. France because her stepmother bought a house, Romania so they can meet up with a friend of Shawn’s.

Do to the mail lag time, this was not the first I’d heard of this. Sara offhandedly mentioned it in a text causing much ????!!!?!?!?!?!Whaaaaaaaaat???????? from me and much, I thought I told you? from her.

Turns out she did, but the message was in transit.

I’ve learned that I will not be taking a work trip to San Diego in January 2023, so these postcards will be my major interactions with that city.

Postcrossing SKS: Cheery and Punny

It’s the rare occurrence where a series of postcards arrive all on the same day!

Sara writes from her first official day of summer, which started on May 19. She did a lot of lovely things including not going into the office. I celebrate that decision.

These punny cards are fun not only for their front message, but also because on the back is cute picture in the area of the stamp, but it’s not covered by the stamp. Alas, I did not take a picture, so you will need to imagine a mouse on one card and a chicken on the other.

SKS Postcard: San Diego Fireworks

Sara writes that she is sending this card from Arcata, not from the town in which it was purchased.

She enjoyed her time in San Diego, the weather (sunny and warm), and seeing friends. Alas, some work issues spilled over and that wasn’t fun, but there you have it.

The stamp on the back is one of the coral fish series. We both like those better than what have replaced it: the barns. I’m looking forward to the end of the barns.

SKS: B&W Humboldt

Sara certainly has moved to an area with a lot of local postcards! This one reminds me of clip art montages, but fancier.

Sara reports that it’s gray and rainy and overcast (a thing that happens in Portland a lot too!) and she reports that it’s also Oscar Sunday and she’s excited to see my picks for the win. She writes that she plans on recording the ceremony and catching up later.

I can tell you from the future that she ended up watching in real time, so she saw the famous slap. We discussed via text and both were frowny face about the whole thing.

SKS: Smile

The nice orange color made this easy to find in the pile of postcards I need to put on the website.

Sara wonders if the message sounds less patriarchal because it comes from her. She knows that I, like many women, HATE being told by men to smile.

Sara goes on to explain she wanted to send some orangey cheer.

The last line is also fun: And, like a true academic, I used all my space to discuss the patriarchy. Ha!

Orangey cheer accomplished!