Three sentence movie reviews: Two Family House

I searched out this film because it was the same director who did City Island, a film I greatly enjoyed.  This was pretty uneven,  though I found it somewhat engrossing.  It’s got some nice 50s period details, if you are interested, otherwise, I wouldn’t bother watching it.

Three sentence movie reviews: Jeff, who lives at home.

I was quite taken with the hum-drum reality of the Duplass Brothers’ earlier movie The Puffy Chair.  This one was a bit less quiet and more Hollywood, but nevertheless delightful.  Plus, Judy Greer gets to play something besides the best friend.*

*She plays the wife.  Which isn’t that great of an improvement but she got some good screen time. I’ll take whatever I can get of perpetually underrated Judy Greer.

Three sentence movie reviews: Star Trek (J.J. Abrams)

I admit that I got this movie from the library and watched the whole thing (for the third time) just so I could evaluate the acting skills of Chris Hemsworth (a.k.a. Thor) which are on display only for about five minutes.  But it’s a really good film, and it was a happy way to spend the evening.  I can report with confidence that Chris Hemsworth’s five minutes of acting were done quite well and that I may have a sudden and confusing “thing” for him.